Mascherano apologises but his questions remain

Mascherano sent off against UnitedJavier Mascherano woke up today still wondering why he was sent off in Sunday’s defeat against Manchester United.

Speaking to the local Liverpool Echo, the Argentine ‘monster’ said:

“I do not know why I was sent off.

“I asked the referee what was happening. I did not swear, I was not aggressive and I did not confront him.

“All I did was ask him what was happening, nothing else. So when he showed me the second yellow card and sent me off I could not believe it.

“I am sorry to my team-mates because that meant we went down to ten men and that made things even more difficult for us.”

Mascherano will miss next weekend’s Merseyside derby but could also face further punishment from the FA when they meet tomorrow.  The player could be charged further for continuing the debate after his sending off.

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Mascherano apologises but his questions remain

  1. what is that mike on about, benitez got it wrong as usual. you obviously dont know a quality manager when you see one. think before you comment. benitez will get there,give him time.

  2. Mike, what are you talking about?? Benitez got it wrong! – How did he get it wrong? He picked a team and a formation that has been quite successful for us over the last 2 months.
    Benitez didn’t get it wrong, some major players let him and the supporters down on Sunday by not playing to their potential, but unfortunately the likes of Stevie G and Carra and Pepe cannot be world class every game, its just unlucky that they always tend to have “off-days” against the scum.
    In Benitez we Trust!!!

  3. A number of players were off-form on Sunday, chiefly Pepe Reina but Stevie G and Xabi Alonso were poor at times. Mascherano was stupiD, or as they say in Spanish STUPIDO…………. NOW can he learn his lesson? I hope so!
    The next hurdle is crucial, we MUST beat Everton or our season implodes fast. Come on, Red Men, come on!!

  4. a red card should be for fighting or badly tackling not for running over smiling asking a question, if thats the new rule rooney, terry and ferdinand should be sent off every game !!

  5. Masch did wrong on sunday, there is no denying that. But, i can understand his reasons for asking the referee “whats happening”, there were numerous fouls by Man Utd Players that went unpunished and two “dives” by Ronaldo that also went unpunished.
    At least Masch showed some passion for this great club, where as the other 10 players showed VERY little!!!

  6. Could we say that may be he doesn’t understand English? ha ha ha… Mascherano to me was just asking for it… he ran almost half way across the field to get at the ref…. wat was that? discipline? and the other players didn’t try to pull him back… that was sad… to me he lost the game for us… we could have come back from the 1 goal if we only had 11 thinking players… BAD DAY… now let’s hope things like this won’t happen on sunday’s match… it would be a double blow…

  7. javier has been made an example of after the ashley coles incident it was not a sending off offence and it did kill the game but we were below par all over the pitch and we need to improve alot before everton and arsenal and show the sort of form we have been producing lately,in rafa we trust
    ste malone ellesmere port

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