Momo sends letter to the Liverpool fans

When Luis Garcia left Anfield he wrote a letter back to the fans of the world’s greatest club, and now Momo Sissoko who left earlier this week to go to Juventus has done the same thing.

Here is his letter:

Dear Liverpool fans,

As soon as I arrived in Liverpool I realised how much this team meant.

Now, after two and a half years I have to say goodbye and I can’t hide the great sorrow I feel in leaving one of the best clubs in Europe.

Liverpool FC as a club, its fans, its coaches and my team-mates have together helped me to become a better player and, above all, a better person.

Liverpool FC is one of the greatest. The Liverpool fans never desert their team.

Even in the worst moments you have a strong sense that the fans are with you, supporting you as much as they can, never giving up, those fans make Liverpool even stronger. I really want to thank them for helping me to feel and to understand what football means in its purest form.

I also think Liverpool FC functions this way because of its leaders; Rafael Benitez works from dawn to dusk, and the players know they must fight for the red shirt in every second of every match.

Now I am beginning a new adventure in another big European Club in Juventus. They have also now put their faith in me.

I shall play to my best in every single match, I shall fight hard for my new shirt to the end, but when every match is finished, I know what I’ll do first – I shall ask about the results of Liverpool FC.

Everybody knows the legend “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and I shall never ever forget the experience and the team.

I want to thank everyone for the opportunity and wish everyone all the best for the future.

With my best regards,
Mohammed Sissoko

All the best for the future Momo.

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Momo sends letter to the Liverpool fans

  1. To all of liverpool players hardluck you are not is the final you probley be in the final next year. You all the best team in the would.

  2. MOMO Sissoko . . . you’ve brought great pleasure to us here in South Africa watching you. We believed that you were the next John Barnes! Sadly you never got all the game time you deserved. We will mis your presence on and off the pitch. CHEERS MATE!!!!

  3. Here’s wishing Momo all the very best at his new club.
    I shall always remember him as a willing, determined player and am sorry things did not work out better.

  4. momo sissoko had a good start to his anfield career unfortunatley the eye injury took it’s toll on him and lost his place to mascherano and he has struggled since. I wish him the best of luck at juventus hopefully kuyt and voronoin will follow suit in june.

  5. When Momo first came to Anfield I honestly thought what a good player and I expected him to be with us for years and although he had a bad eye injury the season before last which slowed his career at Anfield I still expected him to be back to his best long ago.I don’t go along with those that think he is passed his best and in Italy where he’ll have a little more time on the ball next season we just may be thinking we should never have let him go.Good on yah Momo…..

  6. Momo’s gesture is appreciated but the fact is that he’s a terrible passer of the ball who mostly gives away posession.Thats the reason why he had to move on.

  7. A great shame to lose momo, he had great potential. However Mascherano is a better player and with the yanks refusing to lend rafa a penny for the masch transfer we needed the money.

    Still, i wish momo all the best for the future, may you become the greatest Malian footballer ever to walk the Planet.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone

  8. It shows what a gentleman momo is.I wish Momo the best of luck at Juventus.

    Hopefully 6 or 7 more current Liverpool players will also be writing good bye letters.

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