New Anfield proposals laid out

Two rival firms of architects produced their plans for an ‘on-budget’ Anfield stadium today in New York.

Dallas based HKS, who had submitted the plans for the futuristic stadium which has now been rejected due to costs, were joined by Manchester based firm AFL who had submitted the original proposals back under David Moores stewardship.

No decision has yet been made on which proposal to support, and no details have been released to Liverpool supporters worldwide.

Liverpool Chief Executive Rick Parry told the official website;

“It was a very full day. We had two very detailed and very informative presentations which were very thorough and extremely professional.

“It has been another big step forward to finding the best possible solution and the whole meeting was very constructive.

“Everyone is reflecting on what they have heard and a clear decision will be taken soon.

“They were both very good in terms of coming closer to the right solution. As ever, when you have a competition, you hope it produces outstanding results and I think that is what we have seen.

“Whichever we do go with, it will be an excellent result.”

Both Hicks and Gillette bought the club after borrowing £270 million last year and are currently looking to refinance the deal to £350 million which will enable the club to begin work on the new stadium.

They have until February 1st to complete this refinancing.

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New Anfield proposals laid out

  1. lets hope these yanks decide they cant afford the new ground, then sell up to the DIC (who we should of let buy our club in the first place) then we will finally get the club/players/ground we deserve!!

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