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Oby’s Opinions on the United game

Man Utd 3-0 Liverpool
Well, 5 years without a victory over the Mancs and once again the reds were cheated. I’m not going to say that we didn’t deserve to lose and none of the goals should have stood, or that Mascherano shouldn’t have been sent off. But today we played United off the park until their goal. We were playing with great confidence and agility.

For the first goal it came from one of our own corners. It is no embarrassment to be hit on the break by United; it could be argued that they are the best counter attackers in the league. But the way in which we did it is terrible. By the time the ball was floated in to Wes Brown we had plenty of bodies back but our organisation had completely deteriorated. No doubt that the reds card destroyed us.

Any team who are forced to play against United for 45 minutes with only 10 men are doomed. It could be argued that it was game over at Half time. Then again we started the second half brilliantly, two good early chances showing weaknesses in United’s defence. Granted, Torres was beaten to the ball and Gerrard missed the target but it gave us hope. False hope however because we just never showed up for the second half. United had the majority of the possession and the ball was mostly played in our half.

As for the second goal, What happened? Xabi Alonso was Ronaldo’s marker and as Ronaldo began his ascent for the ball Alonso stopped chasing him. If there was one man on that pitch that you have to challenge every second it was Ronaldo. Another stupid goal to concede. As for the third goal, well. . . can’t really complain it was a good strike by Nani who tore open our defence.

An overall bad day at the office, so to speak. Even worse, if we lose next week to Everton then we could lose fourth place.

Mascherano. Seems like his career has got a lot more interesting since he actually signed for Liverpool. Well. Suppose I should talk about his red card eh. OK. Firstly, he was stupid to dive in for his first yellow. I still feel it was harsh to be given a yellow card for it though. Between his yellow card and red card Javier told the referee to F*** Off around 5 times. There are factors that I can understand why he sent Masch off and factors that I can’t believe. I can understand it because he had been verbally ‘abusing’ the ref repeatedly. However, Mascherano committed fouls while on a yellow card which he wasn’t even spoken to about and yet he gets a card for asking why his team mate was cautioned?

It was clear that Javier was going to be sent off today. From the moment he received his first yellow card, and for that I think that Rafa Benitez has to come under Scrutiny. Why didn’t he take off Mascherano? Why leave him on and risk going a man down?

The Ref. Steve Bennett. What the hell? The FA are looking to punish Mascherano for his actions. Proof that the FA hate Liverpool lies in the fact that Steve Bennett is a known scouse hater. Both Liverpool and Everton are hated by Steve Bennett. So what do the FA do? Put him in charge of Liverpool’s biggest game of the season. I feel that Liverpool should not only put in an official complaint about Bennett but also refuse to play any games officiated by him or Mike Riley. Sadly, My opinions about the FA cannot be put into this article. Because it would probably result in me being expelled from the site. Also the language necessary to describe how I feel about them is too strong to be posted.

What do you think? Let me know.

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Oby’s Opinions on the United game

  1. With all the Red blood in my body, Scouse blood that is, Mascherano’s 1st yellow was debatable but the 2nd was just waiting to happen, Masch was like a loose canon firing off at the ref at will. It beats me why our Captain didn’t pull him to one side and give him a bollocking, he’s the man who should assist Rafa with matters on the pitch… Yes?

    It was never going to be easy at Old Trafford no matter who the ref was – the team in front of us are title contenders for God’s sake. Shabby defending didn’t help and gifted them the 1st goal. The red mist descended on Mascherano, he like a boiling pot, blew his lid and Reina went through his full repertoire of goalkeeping skills flashing between awesome and awful – Lo and behold! Another 6 yard header, 2-0.

    A Liverpool fan near me was still reeling with disbelief when I pointed out Tevez and Nanny were about to enter the fray. He seemed non-plussed with my comment but I pointed out the “strength in depth factor,” something Liverpool is sadly lacking in. Voronin anyone? Like a kiss of death it came to pass and the somersaulting showman undid us with some sharp shooting, 3-0. Bastards, that hurt.

    We have a long way to go before we can mount a serious title challenge and on not so Super Sunday we virtually handed 3 goals and 3 points to our arch enemies up the M62. A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link and Masch lost it, and invariably us, the game. Professional? International? Should know better. I’m still licking my wounds.

  2. well i love liverpool football club, but as really pains me to say that we deserved to lose because we had no drive or passion for the united game but just like to say we will beat united come next season! but in the meantime bring on everton!!

  3. Sorry – whom played who off the park???

    We should have been 3-0 down before our first attack…if rooney was half the player everyone thinks he is…

    We were f***ing crap…gerrard was less than useless…the only player who performed at any time was torres…the rest bottled it…

    and yes – masch was an idiot – you should know that you are going to be screwed whenever you play the mancs or the chavs by the ref – but the lack of consistency from the refs is beyond a joke…

    and we need more than 3 players…two top class fullbacks and two top class wingers plus a playmaker and prob. another stiker to provide different options to or alongside torres…

  4. how can anybody say he didnt deserve to be sent of is madness after the first yellow he swore five times at the ref and after that he persistantly berated the ref i have been a liverpool supporter for 30 years and ive never seen a player wanting to be sent of before mabey it was a good excuse for sponsors ect for him to go to argy i dont know but i think it was a disgrace he obviously either doesnt know how inportant this game is to us scousers or he is mad or he simply let the occasion get the best of him but if you ask me and if i was a ref as soon as he said foff the 3rd tim he would have gone the whole world was whatcing and its not good for the sport or the clubs rep

  5. How can Oby say that we played United off the park until their goal! Some balance please.

    Prior to them scoring Rooney was denied in a one on one and Ronaldo who was incorrectly flagged offside for an effort that hit the post. A defelected drive from Gerard was all we could muster in reply. Despite a bright opening ten minutes we conceded territory and possession, and just about contained them.

    Sadly we were pretty average yesterday with 11 men let alone 10. The second half with 10 men was understandably damage limitation.

    It was pretty evidient United did their homework on our back four, we were undone numberous times with diaganol passes from midfield between our center half and full backs. Despite the errors for the opening two goals Pepe denied them four or five times in one on ones.

    Agree entirely with the comments regarding the sending off and Mr Bennett.

    I’m sure Masch will bounce back, he’s been outstanding all year.

    The game highlighted the gulf that still exist between us and United, the league table doesn’t lie. We need at 3 world class players, namely a left back, a winger and striker, to bridge the gap.

  6. i totally agree with what was said steve bennett and that clown mike riley shouldnt be allowed to referee a liverpool game again because both them hate liverpool every liverpool fan knows this so the bigwigs at the f.a do somethng about please. and as regards our poor form against the mancs it has to end sooner or later rafa has to install confidence in the team how can we play so well in europe and crap in the league , mascherano in my opinion deserved to be sent off he swore persistantly , made a couple of poor tackles , he should have known better after all hes an international player

  7. Wow…

    Let me begin by saying that I live for Liverpool Football Club.

    I appriciate your optimism and devotion but lets be real here..I dont want to sound like a manure fan and it pains me to say it but we played like garbage. We need to look at this objectively and remove the cherry coloured glasses. allow me to quote “today we played United off the park until their goal.”
    we didn’t do anything of the spot. I REALLY wish I that was the truth, but it isn’t. We had no heart and no drive, and again I say this with pain in my chest…they ran our show from the kickoff…i know you love the club but your article is just plain ignorant…again i have to stress that I love Liverpool with all my heart and it kills to admit it but we cannot sit here ans say we played well until the goal because we barely threatened at all. I was extrememly dismayed with the result but we cant learn anything from the defeat if we pretend that we played well and gave it our all when that clearly was not the case. Your blissful ignorance hurts us all. Look facts in the face: we played like shite…we did not deserve to win, granted i dont think we deserved to lose by 3 goals to nil but thats beside the point.

    Further, do u have any concrete evidence that Bennett is a “scouse hater”? Or that the FA “hate” Liverpool. These are childish claims, you cant just make these unfounded claims without any kind of support! Also you forgot to mention Rob Styles who has a proven record of handing out questionable decisions to Liverpool. Son your writing is obviously fueled by an extreme bias and emotion. You cannot write an objective and meaningful piece if you let those influences take over. I recommend you read a writer named Paul Tomkins. He loves the reds but knows how to wrte about them without bias, check him out.

    Plus this match was hardly the biggest of the season. We are effectlively out of the Prem and since the toffees lost and drew their last 2 matches we have some breathing room in 4th spot.

    And it wasn’t “clear” that Mascha was going to get sent off. Nobody could have guessed that he would get carded for omething so silly. The first yellow was given for a fairly soft challenge and there was no further indicaion that Mascha was a liability. If history is any indication I would side with Mascha not picking up another yellow 9 times out of 10.His play up until his sending off gave no signs that he sould be taken off, arguable he was the only driving force that we had on the pitch. He got send off because of heart and determination and from what I saw he was the only one that was demonstrating such qualities. I dont blame Rafa for leaving him on as he is the anchor and thus essential to our midfield. Rafa deserves NONE of the blame and you are wrong to even suggest that.

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