Portsmouth increase offer for Crouch

Crouch Goal v BirminghamPortsmouth have increased their cash offer to £7 million for Peter Crouch in a deal which also adds a potential £2 million dependent on club and player performances.

Peter Crouch has another year left on his Liverpool contract having been offered an extension which he has not yet signed. The new figure, which could give a potential transfer fee of £9 million, is believed to have been rejected by Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool are believed to prefer the entire amount up front and would be loathed to see the England striker leave Anfield for less than £12 million.

Harry Redknapp meanwhile has been telling his local papers down on the South Coast:

“I’d love to bring Crouchie back here.

“We are trying to do deals to bring in players and (chief executive) Peter Storrie is working on trying to get things done.

“But the fee seems a bit too high, and at the end of the day it comes down to the price.

“It seems like things are getting a bit too expensive.

“Crouchie is a player who is on our list, but if nothing can be done then we will just move on to the next player.”

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Portsmouth increase offer for Crouch

  1. Pompey just add some little more GBP3million and come for Crouch.the forward has a lot of value being an England forward.so why not pay it and come for more goals next season.you don’t know what you are having unless you loose it.please go for Crouch ok

  2. He’s sh*t.
    He’s tall.
    He’ll make you hoof the ball.

    Take the nine million. Would be bonkers not to. If the transfer market was a sane enviroment he wouldn’t be worth much more than that, regardless of how many years he has left on his contract.

    Decent player, but he wants to move on. Let’s not let the fact that he scored against Galatasaray and Bordeaux cloud the fact that he’s an average to good player and will never be more. He has his uses, but he’s hardly the Van Basten-esque sharp-shooter some have made him out to be. His reputation has increased tenfold since he’s been on the bench.

  3. if crouch goes to pompey, he’ll have a first 11 jersey but here at anfield we sit him out for half of the season! as a an england fan, i think it would be in our(england squad) best interests to have crouchie playing for pompey… so send him on his way.

  4. Calm down, calm down….

    It’s called haggling. In certain third world societies it’s the accepted norm and it goes along the lines of; you ask for a high price, we put in a low bid, and then we all meet in the middle. I’m sure our director’s are using this concept to make you lot feel at home.

    Good luck next season eh, eh…

  5. Whilst £7m is not a massive amount, the final amount paid for Crouch’s services would have been £9m!
    Now you say that £7m would only get you a “championship” player.

    Well we only paid £7m for the other current England striker, Defoe!
    He scores more goals as well.

    We want the player and you don’t have to sell, this makes it your market as the seller and liverpool are only trying to get the best they can but he does only have one year left on his contract and may well sit it out to leave on a free transfer much like Distin did to move to us. That after we offered £5m the season before for him!

    Liverpool I feel will accept that Peter is to move on now for a decent fee considering he is starting his final year.

    Regular football will bring out the best in Crouch again, teamed with Defoe can only be good for their international chances. Defoe has already acknowledged this and I am sure its on Crouch’s mind too.

    Benitez is being unrealistic in his asking price and as much as I would like Crouch at fratton again, I think we will have to move on!

    Mind you Crouch could always start engineering his move ala Ronaldo! lol

  6. Harry Redknap has a nerve 7million for a regular England forward. Current international centre forwards are priced in the 15 to 20 milion plus. Mind you Harry is a bit of an east end market trader so he will want a bargain. The next player! At 7 million he will be from the championship.

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