Robbie Keane looks set for Anfield

Robbie Keane set for LiverpoolTottenham Hotspur’s Robbie Keane looks set to become Liverpool’s biggest signing of the summer so far after Spurs boss Juande Ramos admitted that financial pressures would mean he would be likely to exit White Hart Lane.

Liverpool have not commented on the Spurs striker at any point during this summer but he is believed to be one of Benitez’ major targets.

Ramos disclosed the pressure on him to balance the books down in North London.

“We will see what happens there, but we are talking about two very important players. (about Keane and Berbatov).

“For the moment they are with us, but whatever happens the idea is to have a great squad, with the potential to allow us to aim to improve on what we managed last season.

“We have to be realistic and see what we are starting with and who we are competing against.

“There are some big clubs who have spent a lot of money over many years and have a certain advantage. In fact they claim they want to sign some of our players.

“At Tottenham, we have had a clear philosophy regarding buying and selling for years. The idea is signing young players, promising and talented ones, and if important offers for older players are made, studying it to see what is the best for the club.”

Keane, who is 28, arrived at White Hart Lane in 2002 when Glenn Hoddle paid £7 million for him.

His goalscoring record is 169 goals in 352 matches, and he has 33 goals in 80 Republic of Ireland internationals.

Liverpool will be hoping to secure the striker for around £16 million.

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Robbie Keane looks set for Anfield

  1. i think liverpools squad is very strong at the moment ,although some of the new signings are rubbish barry and keane are not good enough alonso is twice the player of barry rafa should keep playing stevie g behind torres with babel on the the right[he’s quality] and sign silva for the left side and philip lahm would also be a great addition he should sell kuyt and vorinonn

  2. Why are all these stupid spurs fans giving out!!!keane supports liverpool he has been a good servent to ye and lets face it,your a small club even compare to the likes of villa!so stick your little milk cup where the sun dont shine,we have about 40 of them anyway!!

  3. Financial pressures? Spurs have got more money than u u mugs! weve already done close to £30m since may and weve got richer owners than u lot! makes me laugh, u cant win the prem and u still think ur the biggest club in england! wow u won the CL in 2005, well done, what u won since or before that? aint won the league for nearly 20 years

    Whoever wrote this crap is a complete dive THFC have you ever won anything decent

  4. “wow u won the CL in 2005, well done, what u won since or before that? aint won the league for nearly 20 years”

    To the person who posted that Liverpool have done nowt, What have Spurs actually won in their entire history? Who lets these gob-shites onto this site?

  5. Please take Keane for that price. He’s overrated. 442 is outdated so don’t expect him to be partnering torres upfront.

    So are you guys gonna play him on the right wing over Kuyt? We’ve tried playing Keane on the wing and he’s absolutely ineffective on the wing. He doesn’t have the same work rate as Kuyt and can’t defend decently like Kuyt.

    Keane doesn’t have pace, strength or aerial ability either. He’s definitely nowhere near Gerrard and won’t displace him for the role behind Torres.

    Kuyt does score important goals. Keane doesn’t. Kuyt is underrated by you lot.

    Berbatov made Keane look good. One thing people don’t realize about Berbatov is apart from the number of goals he scores, he is pivotal in the build up to many goals. He is a large reason why Keane has done well over the last 2 seasons, Keane is nothing without Berbs. Before that, we had Kanoute and Defoe as our first choice pairing with Keane on the bench.

    Keane has a good scoring ratio for Ireland. But come on, if you think about it, who do Ireland really play against most of the time? All Ireland ever get involved in are friendlies and the qualifying stages because they hardly ever make it to the important competitions where you play against real quality. Most of the teams Ireland ever play against are even more **** and that’s where Keane’s scoring rate has benefited.

    Personally, I would rather have Crouch than Keane in my team. Crouch is more of an all-round striker and is definitely more clinical. If you guys really had any ambition of catching up with Man Utd, you would be going for Berbatov, not Keane. I really don’t know what you guys are so excited about.

    So it’s gonna be 20 million for a bit-part player? 20 mill for us and an over-rated player for you. I’m really hoping this one goes through too :).

  6. Can’t Benitez learn from Arsene Wenger. Look at the preseason games, they have a good crop of young players. If he can use Dani Pacheco instead of buying Robbie Keane and use Lucas instead of buying Barry (I saw him connected with Gerrard quite well in a few games close to the end of the last season), he can use the money more wisely in other problem area, in my opinion, the wings.

  7. As a Dubliner, supporting the Reds 35 years now, it’s great news to see another Irish player hopefully coming to Liverpool, Keane is a model professional, a lifelong Reds fan, Republic of Irelands Captain and current top scorer for Ireland,he has his moments like any player but he will not lack enthusiasm to succeed at LFC, he’s full of banter in the dressing room and an impressive goals per game ratio, he’s got at least another four years left at the top, and he wants to win trophies, he’s not setting his transfer fee others decide that, but Rafa knows a decent striker when he sees one !!Cant wait to see Robbies first cartwheel in front of the Kop !!

  8. yeah benitez has said that hes on the list… would love to see him come to anfield!
    but dont like the way rafas being all public about it.

  9. Neither Robbie Keane or Gareth Barry are good enough for Liverpool, certainly not at 18 and 20 million respectively. Have Spurs ever played in the champions league? Villa won it many years ago, but few if any of thier current squad have played in meaningful champions league matches in the last 5 years. Liverpool need players with proven experience particularly in europe. We have reached 2 champions league finals in the last 4 season and were narrowly knocked out at the semi final stage last season. We have the greatest european pedigree of all British clubs and are still the most succesful British club side there has ever been. OK, we’ver not won the title since 1990, and it’s gonna be harder than ever to wrestle it away from Utd, but I’d sooner be supporting the reds than the Spurs of this world. Mickey mouse football clubs end up with mickey mouse players like Keane and Barry. Nuff said.

  10. I have personally wanted keane at our club for the past few years. He has shown a winning mentality throughout his career and is a proven goalscorer, not least at international level. Works hard for his sides and is a good holding forward. Would be a major asset for us.

  11. Is an Irishman myself I would be really pleased to see Robbie Keane in a Liverpool shirt, I just hope he can transfer the goalscoring form he has shown over the years into a title winning team this season. I’d take him over Barry, if push came to shove.

  12. Robbie Keane i think will be a better signing than david villa

    if you think about it, torres goal record for liverpool is exelent, but not quite as good for spain because he isnt suited to spains style of play, david villa’s goal record for spain is very good, so i think it wouldnt be too good for liverpool… sorry if i’v baffled you 😛

    also keane is a proven goal scorrer in the prem

  13. keane would be a good signing but you have to wonder how hed react to playin as many games as crouch last season and also 16 mill is lot for a 28 year old striker we should have a look at martins from newcastle

  14. How in the hell will Keane make a great partnership with Torres.
    And most are saying that will be the best partnership.
    When there are a great many other players better than Keane on the market.
    Also how many years has keane got left before we have to Replace Him.
    I must not be the only one thinking this.

  15. Well its popped up in the last few weeks about possibly signing Robbie. Me personally would love to have David Villa but I am on planet earth and know we wont stump up another 20+ million for a star striker.
    However it does make sense for the likes of Keane but not for 16 million. Is this not yet another case of players from our part of the world being far too over priced. I agree with someone from the Barry link…….. 11m for Hleb from the Arse to Barce yet 18million for Barry. What about Henry he left for something like 15 million, what a bargin.

    On a partnership note for Torres I think Keane will be perfect but it will all depend on Benitez’s formation. Remember Kuyt. He was supposed to be our 20 goal a season man, now he is out wide scoring some but not 20. This has caused Babel to be forced out on the left so Benitez can hide his 10 million Kuyt signing. Dont get me wrong I really like Kuyt but we could have got an out and out wide right man who is proven to do that job.

    Anyway if the Keane deal goes ahead then happy days, it also means that Thfc will be without Defoe, possibly Berbatov and possibly Keane. What great decisions Ramos is making eh!.

  16. Financial pressures? Spurs have got more money than u u mugs! weve already done close to £30m since may and weve got richer owners than u lot! makes me laugh, u cant win the prem and u still think ur the biggest club in england! wow u won the CL in 2005, well done, what u won since or before that? aint won the league for nearly 20 years

  17. For a start Benitnez has mentioned Keane before, when he revealed his poor fullback signings, each of which are at best on a par with Arbeloa. Secondly Spurs have said 20 mil or no deal. Seeing as with Barry you resorted to offering £5.12, next week’s pocket money, Steve from the IT dept with an option to the Tea lady, as well half a of chewing gum, i dont fink you have the finances to fully compensate us for allowing a player to break his long-term contract, who would still be happy to stay if you didnt put the required offer in.

  18. ”Liverpool have not commented on the Spurs striker at any point during this summer but he is believed to be one of Benitez’ major targets”. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH

    Quote from Benitez:,19528,11675_3802081,00.html
    “Keane is one of the other names and okay we are still working with other names. We were in contact and we will see now.”

    Don’t try to make yourselves out as a whiter than white club when you’re just as bad as the ferguson’s of this world.

  19. You say ‘Liverpool have not commented on the Spurs striker at any point during this summer but he is believed to be one of Benitez’ major targets’. Was I hearing things when Benitez said there was contact with Tottenham about Keane?
    Benitez should not be saying that – it’s not the done thing. Mind you, he does have previous. When Cisse was at Liverpool and Spurs were linked with him he said ‘I think it’s obvious that they (spurs) want to upset my players. I don’t want to sell Cisse. They are desperate to sell Defoe’ Hhmm, now Cisse left shortly after that whereas Defoe stayed at Spurs for about a couple of years. What a plonker!

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