Carra looks past the international break

Carragher in ChinaThere’s nothing worse for supporters than a defeat followed by a large international break, and Jamie Carragher insists that the players feel exactly the same – as he reflects on yesterday’s defeat at Stamford Bridge.

“I thought we played quite well and done alright for most of the game yet we have still come away with a 2-0 defeat.

“It’s the small details that are so important at this level and we know that there are certain areas we have got to improve. There’s a gap at the top and we’ve got to close it.

“Games against Chelsea are notoriously tight and a bit of quality or a mistake is always going to be the thing that turns it one way or another.

“But we have lost the ball in midfield for their first and I felt myself that I should have done a bit better for their second one.”

Liverpool’s next game is on the 17th October, away at Sunderland – who themselves are in fine form and were unlucky not to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday.

“It’s never nice to lose before an international break, particularly a game as big as this, but we have got to put it behind us.

“It would have been good to send the international lads away with a bit of a buzz but it wasn’t to be and now it’s a case of putting it behind us.

“When we get back to it, we have got a massive week coming up with those games against Sunderland, United and Lyon.

“But every week you have as a Liverpool player is massive and we know we’ll have to be at our best to get going again at Sunderland, as they are in good form.”

Roll on the 17th.

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Carra looks past the international break

  1. Mascherano cost the frist goallosing the ball cheaply in midfield, i think the 2nd goal was immaterial as we had everyman attacling at the time. I thought Torres and Kuyt in particular were below par hopefully with Spain and Holland qualified they’ll have 2 weeks off same with Carragher

  2. To be honest I didn’t see Carragher make any mistakes Chelsea just scored 2 decent goals against us and we didn’t make anywhere near to enough chances thought Kuyt was disappointing but I’m no way getting on his back think he’s superb.

    On the losing Rafa thing Im not convinced that’s the answer he’s a master and Im convinced we’ll win something this season possibly even another CL. If I was to make 1 complaint about him it’s that he ALWAYS plays the same formation no matter about injuries and form and that leaves players in good form like Yossi out because other people like Riera are more natural wingers.

    • Have you noticed that riera acts more like a central midfielder than a winger because he always seems to come inside , even when it’s not the rite option.

      I would like to see him bomb down the wing and put quality balls in the box ( provided our attacking players fill the box more often ) . The type of performance we got from him on his debut should be the standard he sets for himself every game .. high energy + pace .

      Im not having a go at just him but i feel in the last two games especially we seem to go central as a team and stay too congested when space is going begging on the wing.
      Yossi , Jhonno, Kuyt, and so on, all seem to go for the throat; which is admirable however against sides who are stronger in defence it’s like running in to a brick wall.

      Maybe this is something we have lost form the sale of alonso , that ability to expand and contract play at will from wing to wing , midfield to attack and it has slowed the surprise in our attack against better sides .
      What do you think ?

    • in your opinion who as manager out their could do a better job than Benitez under current restrictions ?

      This isn’t an attack i am curious to see who people would mention as someone who would take us up a level under the same resources as this job is definitely the hardest out of the top 4 !

  3. Rafa must always use Benayoun in the starting line-up. And I think Jamie Carragher needs a break. He has done a great job for us over the years. It time for Daniel Agger and Skrtel to man our defence.

  4. Jamie Carrager was the one to blame for the silly goals that Chelsea scored. He’s played the last seven or eight seasons’ Without no rest. He needs a rest.

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