Changes in the Anfield boardroom, and bootroom

Rick Parry and David MooresA very matter of fact statement appeared on the Liverpool website this afternoon:

Liverpool FC confirmed today that David Moores has resigned from the Club’s Board of Directors.

Mr Moores will, however, retain his position as Club Honorary Life President.

David Moores sold his controlling stake in Liverpool FC to Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jnr for around £85 million back in January 2007 after being convinced that they were ideal as ‘custodians’ of the club.  Whilst Moores did have a vote on the board, he had no significant influence.

Another former board member, Rick Parry the club’s Chief Executive, will be replaced shortly and the job advertisement for his replacement is now available.

So if you can:

  • ‘understand the methodology of growing, developing and leveraging the value of a global entertainment brand’
  • ‘monetise an internationally disbursed fan base’
  • ‘work with the manager ensuring he has the necessary resources and support to achieve outstanding results’

then you could be set.

Most importantly of all is the very demanding role of:

  • ‘work closely with government agencies to ensure the plans for the new stadium are kept on track and delivered’

Should be tricky that last one.

More information on the job can be found on the recruitment firm’s website here.

And finally, Antonio Gomez Perez, has been added to the Anfield Coaching staff.  The 35 year old played under Benitez in Real Madrid’s youth side, before coaching at Toledo and then Albacete.  His Albacete side beat Valencia to the Spanish Youth Cup in 2007.

He will be the new reserve team boss John McMahon’s right hand man.

Good luck ‘Toni !

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Changes in the Anfield boardroom, and bootroom

  1. Let’s not be too harsh on Moores. He did protect the club in the good old days, but he must take responsibility for saddling LFC with those greedy yanks who had no link with Liverpool before they stole the club! As a result, we lost on a situation where the owners were true supporters as the guys from DIC are! The yanks do not have the interest of the club in their hearts. This is clear from the fact that we do not have enough money to go out and buy the players we need to be in contention next season, whilst our rivals are strenghthening their squads. And guess who will get the blame? The manager whose poor hands are tied by lack of funds. LFC fans need to wake up before its too late. We can all see the predicament the manager is in. He is being forced to sell good players to buy and this will weaken the team even further. Let’s face facts, Johnson does not set the park on fire! The same thing happened in the past. We are linked with great players at the beginning of a season only to buy “no name brands” ala Dossena, Lucas, Deggen et al. Its time the fans took action to get the yanks out!! If we don’t Anfield will be just another hunting ground for opposing teams where another three points are guaranteed!

  2. You guys are really missing the point and quite frankly I am absolutely gobsmacked you have this opinion. David Moores fought tooth and nail to protect this club and he did what he thought was in the best interest of the club. Steven Gerrard only stayed with this club because he had faith in David Moores. He was there in the good times and should be remembered as one of the good guys.
    After Rick Parry and now David Moores leaving, doesn’t this tell us something is wrong at Board level. It really isn’t right that owners should buy the club and then put all debts into the clubs name. Doesn’t that send out a terrible message? If the owners are as wealthy as we were led to believe, when the takeover happened, why has there been such a lack of investment in new players compared to other clubs? Dare I suggest the purchase of Fernando Torres, although great, was a goodwill gesture by the owners to win favour? I would also suggest the overpriced purchase of Robbie Keane was the same, although that purchase had less success.
    The new stadium also seems to be on hold. You cannot blame the financial crisis for a lack of investment because that clearly shows the investment was borrowed money. What the club needs is new ownership with real money, not borrowed money. I for one feel I am being taken for a mug by two people who talk alot, say very little and deliver even less.
    I say to Mr Hicks and Mr Gillet “Put your money on the table or move on!” Not borrowed money. Your money. The money you said you had to invest in the club. If you don’t have the money then do the decent thing, show some decency and honesty and step aside. This club is greater than the sum of you both and deserves a better future than you both seem to be offering it.

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. If it weren’t for him, those stupid yanks wouldn’t be sucking our precious club dry and holding it back from achieving its former greatness. Now if dumb (Gillet) and dumber (Hicks) would only leave…

  4. Good riddance Moores, you and Parry, pair of complete failures. You will not be missed and will be remembered as the pair at a time Liverpool won virtually nothing.

    Thank god you 2 are finally gone!

  5. Oh you poor man Moores. Does he expect us to feel sorry for him? He held out for an extra £4m to line his own greedy pocket when the arabs had all but done the deal. How different would things be now if that had gone through?
    If he feels that strongly then he should give up his honorary presidency, which presumably means he doesn’t have to beg, steal or borrow tickets to see our team like lots of us common people have to.

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