Cruyff hopes Barca avoid Liverpool

Johan Cruyff has said, what we all know to be true, and admitted that he hopes his former club Barcelona avoid the reds in the European Cup draw on Friday.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said:

“Against Madrid, Liverpool became a steamroller, and for sure, many of those who feared playing against Manchester United don’t want to face Liverpool now.

“Because of the manner in which they demolished Madrid and then thrashed United they are clearly the side everyone will want to avoid.”

“Barcelona can defeat any team, but I’m sure they have noticed Liverpool now.

“They were two convincing and prestigious victories but each was different.

“Against Madrid, Liverpool went on the pitch to attack and press them. Against Manchester, they went shoulder to shoulder and the game finally turned their way thanks to one incident – Vidic’s dismissal and the free-kick.”

The Champions League Quarter Final games will take place the midweek of the 7th/8th of April and the following week.  Liverpool have already asked UEFA to ensure that they do not play the 2nd leg on the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

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Cruyff hopes Barca avoid Liverpool

  1. Cruyff is right that Barcelona should fear Liverpool because i happen to think that no team will beat us in the champions league this year. It’s destined to be in our hands. But what is he on about saying Barca should notice Liverpool NOW? We have been a dominant force in Europe for many years, as you can see from the five stars above our badge. And believe me when I say that another star will be added come May.

  2. Quite right too! Every team in Europe should want to avoid Liverpool in the champions league. We are ranked no.1 after all. Cruyff got his analysis of the Man U game wrong though. Vidic’s sending off didnt change the game at all, Torres made him look like an amateur. We were all over them right from when Torres goal went in right until the final whistle.

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