Deadlock with Alonso – swap deal mooted

Real Madrid are believed to have improved on their £24M bid for Xabi Alonso by suggesting to Liverpool the possibility of a player swap deal, with either the strikers Negrado or Huntelaar, or the midfielder Van der Vaart added in to the deal.

Earlier this summer Benitez insisted he wasn’t interested in a swap deal for the player and that Real Madrid must pay Liverpool’s valuation of £30M (E35M).  Real Madrid appear unkeen on offering any more money for the player – citing the fact that he isn’t as big a ‘marketing opportunity’ as the likes of Ronaldo or Kaka.

The reds are believed to have lined up Aquilani of Roma as a £14M replacement for Alonso.

Rafa Benitez is furious with Madrid and Alonso for impacting so heavily on Liverpool’s pre-season and for leaving the reds little time to find a replacement. Liverpool FC are understood to have told Real Madrid that the figure is non-negotiable.  Liverpool’s stance is that Alonso is a player they do not want to sell – so the valuation must be met for Alonso to leave.

Liverpool play Espanyol on Sunday and as of this moment – Xabi Alonso is in the Liverpool squad.

Real Madrid do have an oversupply of players at the moment and need to let players go from their 29 man first team squad. Only 25 can be registered to play in La Liga.

We have also heard that Mascherano has been told in no uncertain terms to rein in his agent and his family members from speaking to the media. Yesterday, Mascherano’s brother spoke of the player’s desire to move to Barcelona.  If the media interviews continue – Mascherano will be disciplined by the club.

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Deadlock with Alonso – swap deal mooted

  1. alonso is an amazing player, and has made his mark at anfield, but nothing hugely significant, but a part exchange with van der vaart would leave our midfield in a bad position.. and with the cash put in a bid for villa, valencia are in financial difficulties as it is and may be forced to sell him. hes a striker who is already familiar in playing with torres, and when playing for spain they play so well, with this attack i think we could make our debut league win!
    do it right rafa!!

  2. It’s hard to hear that Xabi wanted to sit in Real Madrid Substitute bench instead of staying in Liverpool’s 1st eleven squad. Never mind Rafa, i hope the two Dutch player will surely improve the Liverpool Squad…….

  3. What a set of arse holes – Xabi has given us 5 good years – he is Spanish & home sick – who the F can blame him for wanting to go back home? All his family are there. I’ve read some comments slagging him off for being at the birth of his 1st child – I suppose you lot would put work over that scenario would you? Thanks for what you’ve done for us Xabi – you’ll be a big loss for us next season. Now Rafa we need to move on & find Xabi’s repalcement ASAP!

  4. Just sell Alonso get the $$$ and swap 1 or 2 player. Huntelaar is a proven striker and Van der Vaart in the midfield. Rafa can ask Kurt opinion about his countries fellow. I believe this 2 dutch player can improve the Liverpool squad. Get the money and buy other player that Rafa plan in his mind…….

  5. Time for Xabi to say what he thinks to the fans. Get on the website and tell us that he wants to leave and why. He owes us that at least. I am tired of all the politiking but glad that Rafa is not being bought and sold by the so called spanish giants (CL result 08/09?). We are gaints, too and whilst I would rather it was sorted it has to be on our terms, not theirs or his. In addition, I m glad to see that Mascherano and his crew have been told to shut up and for him to get his head down. Of the two players, he owes us very big time and has yet to get anywhere near repaying the debt he owes to us for saving his career.

  6. Remind me again who destroyed who in the CL a few months ago.

    With that in mind, why should they get one of the players from that team on the cheap?

    perez has shown that he does not think much of Alonso by saying he doesn’t have much commercial appeal, and as we know, that’s what floats his boat.

    Rafa is in the box seat.

    Quite simply, RM must put up or shut up.

    I’d prefer we keep him, and if some media reports are correct, Alonso has not actually handed in a transfer request – but I suppose only those involved really know.

    Alonso will play his heart out this year if he stays, as there is a world cup on the way – and if he plays well in that, his value will go even higher.

    He is a crucial part of the Madrid plan?
    In that case, pay the money or piss off.

  7. I would say, take the 24 million, plus a striker and a midfielder in part ex, van der vaart is better than sniejder, and hunteleer is better than negredo, we have babel and kuyt, so these players will easily settle in with other country men, if required to pay another 10 million I would happily pay it, as van der vaat, is 10 mil, and huntelleer is 15mil is 49 mil in total. so take a 14 mil for alonso and the two above players, do it quick, id real do not like, tell em to f”off, and sell alonso to barca for 15 mil just to take the piss…..

  8. Alonso is living in a fantasy world.He is anyway “past his sell by date” and the sooner we get rid of him the better.Getting Huntelaar or rafael vd vaart as part of the deal would be a good deal.Alonso is slow and probably has a max of 2 seasons left.He will fade into oblivion at Real madrid.The big problem is Rafa Benitez who only wants to add Spanish players to his Spanish Armada…….van der Vaart and Huntelaar will be huge hits in England.Rafa…wake up and smell the roses.Take those blinkers off.

  9. Put very simply the americans should simplify things for rafa by introducing funds so that rafa can push on with finding players and making bids now, that would mean that we would not have to be pressured in to selling and also if they meet our valuation we will already have replacements in . I like the idea of 28 mil and two real players of our choosing !! that would be a good deal because we would bring quality in and also be able to get villa / silva !!!!!!!!!!

  10. I want Alonso gone now so please pack your bags and F off!.Your career at Real Madrid will certainly be a short one so don’t expect for us to take you back next season or anytime in the future.

    Xabi,you were a nobody until we signed you nevertheless thanks for all you’ve given to the cause but the pleasure was all yours!!!.Players who join Real can’t tell the difference between sugar and salt so join the list,they’re already saying that you’re not a big “marketing opportunity” so will be a second class journeyman.

    The more i think off his impending departure the greater i feel that it may not be a bad thing!.We can probably sign three quality players for what we get for him Dossena and Arbeloa so every cloud has a silver lining!Xabi was brilliant last season and will be missed but we must remain positive and optimistic as we’ll survive without him just like many other often better players who over the years quit Anfield for one reason or another.

    Another option that should be considered is some cash together with Van Der Vaart making the opposite journey who i much prefer to Negredo or Huntelaar.Use the money wisely Rafa for F sake!!!

  11. They are afraid we might meet them again in the champions league. They are playing the waiting game until transfer deadline when we can no longer shop for a replacement. I think what liverpool should do is to go ahead, shop for a replacement and negotiate terms with such club, so that when this so called spanish giant suddenly breaks the bank for Xabi, such replacement for Xabi will be told to assume duty. We also need a player in Tevez form who can play behind Torres to relive Gerrard of his two major roles, midfield and attack.

  12. I think we should accept that offer of is it £24million plus Huntelaar. We do need a second striker and wasnt Huntelaar top scorer at Madrid last season? That will also give us plenty of money to try to replace Alonso.
    Afterall Spurs did offer i think £17million for Huntelaar so we’d be jammy to get £24million if we accept that offer.
    I personally think this is a fantastic offer if it is true and we should go for it, but im sure some people will disagree.

  13. 30 mippion euro and Van der Vaart not a bad deal, I would still like to see him playing in the reserves for a while to teach him a lesson though! On another note Sir Bobby Robson R.I.P, YOU ARE NOW IN THE GREAT COMPANY OF SHANKS AND PAISLEY, FROM ALL RED FANS OVER THE WORLD GIVE THEM OUR REGARDS, ALSO DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO SIR BOBS FAMILY AND FRIENDS……………. YNWA

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