God: Join United? I don’t think so

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler wished his former team-mate Michael Owen the best of luck at his new club but ridiculed suggestions he would have ever joined the Mancs.

The 34 year old who is 5th in Liverpool’s all-time goalscoring chart, is due to start his new career at Queensland Fury tomorrow, but was asked if he would have ever considered joining United.

“No, I don’t think so.”

Was the response.

“Obviously I want Michael to do well but I don’t want Manchester United to do well.

“It’s a sticky situation and I don’t want to get drawn into things with Michael and Man United. Everyone knows I’m a Liverpool fan.

“But if Michael scores a lot of goals then I hope Fernando Torres scores a lot more.”

“I don’t want to go down that route (being critical of Owen’s decision) as I leave myself open to criticism but Michael has done what he’s done and it’s not for me to judge what he should do or shouldn’t do. He’s a big lad.

“His record over the years has been fantastic. Again, I hope he scores a few goals but I hope they concede more.”

Well in Robbie lad. And good luck down with the ‘Fury!

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God: Join United? I don’t think so

  1. Are you people easily impressed or what i mean Robbie’s just saying the obvious when a stupid question is thrown at him!?.If he was in Michael’s shoes he’d probably do exactly the same because it’s human nature!.After N’castle’s relegation only a few clubs including Man Utd were interested in Michael so understandbly he accepted like most would have done,Rafa didn’t want him back!.

    In Robbie’s case actions speak louder then words…despite Michael jumping ship by joining Real he still did serve us well for many years for which i’m thankful for.

  2. This is why this fella is a complete legend!!!
    He knows the feelings of Liverpool supporters and he respects those feelings!! – GOD!!!

  3. Robbie Fowler You have been and always shall be my hero , a true God of the Kopite’s and a true L E G E N D , ( for owen so that he knows what it takes !!) . Once liverpool’s in your blood there’s no going back and thats a FACT !!!. Turncoat horselover never loved liverpool like Robbie dose, He just loves himself .

  4. Well said Robbie…You are a true Liverpudlian….That is WHY YOU ARE A GOD AT ANFIELD!…Owen has always been an act of betrayal…When he walked out on us the best thing ever happened that season wAS an unbelievable final at Istanbul…We won the Champions League…Now he has joined the traitors…The BEST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN TO US NOW IS WE WILL BAG THE TITLE AND HE WILL STILL REMAIN A LOSER!…HE IS SO STUPID TO SEE THAT ALEX SUCKERSON IS A MANIPULATER!

  5. Owen was rotting at Newcastle, his career was in shambles and he needed to join a top club to revive it. If rumours are to be believed, he actually wanted to return to play for Liverpool and Rafa admitted he thought about bringing Owen back, but reasoned that he might not be a 1st team regular.
    Now, put yourself in Owen’s boots as a professional: Now that Liverpool doesn’t want you back, would you rather join a Man U and guarantee yourself some silverware and hopefully get into the England starting lineup, or join Hull City and fight for survival? Although i do not approve of his move to Madrid & now Man U, i feel we shouldn’t slam him, given the circumstances.

    • Well said Wilson. I would have loved to see him back at Anfield but I dont think Raffa felt the same and due to his injury history (brought about by effort) he needs to be in a side that dosen`t need him to play every game. Like Robbie, I wish him well …. but not too well

      • Now there’s a more sensible attitude. We used to be big rivals with Leeds once, but we didn’t slate Robbie for joining them, neither did we slate Beardo for joining the blues. I hate the mancs but given the choice between joining them, Stoke or Hull it’s not even a contest. I think we’re all apprehensive because part of us thinks he might just do well and then we’d be gutted for letting the chnace to sign him slip by. Again.

  6. Owen not only a traitor. He also not a Icons to Liverpool club. How come a true Reds join the biggest fierce rivals Mancs ??? Carlos Tevez better then Owen. At least Tevez still respect the Fans that support him at Mans for ruled out joining Liverpool. For me, Robbie is still the true Reds Legend. Long Life Robbie Fowler………

  7. Great Robbie, that’s what i call a real Red i’m sure you’ll be in the LFC Hall of Fame while Michael won’t and i’m sure you’ll have some kind of a role to play in the club in future but not Michael. That’s the difference, Michael will be well remembered for the wrong reason.

  8. Owen is a traitor. What do you expect from him he promised Liverpool that he was close to signing a new deal and left for real madrid back in 2004/2005, what has he achieved since then , injuries and bad luck ; so hopefully he will bring all his lucky charms to old trafford, by the way Owen – we will be reserving you an extra special welcome to Anfield on the 25th October.

  9. I said as soon as “St. Michael” made his pact with the devil that his signing for them emphasised the difference between him and God. It was often said that Owen never felt as loved by Liverpool fans as he thinks he should have been. Him signing for the Mancs highlighted exactly why that was the case – while all reds are grateful for what he did for us, I think most also felt that the most important thing to him was Michael Owen PLC, and there was no room in his life for sentiment or loyalty.

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