Liverpool: Goodbye Carlsberg, Hello Standard Chartered

According to The Times Liverpool FC have sealed the deal to end their 17 year association with Carlsberg and welcomed a lucrative new 4 year deal with the banking institution Standard Chartered.

Standard Chartered Liverpool Home Shirt

How the LFC home shirt 2010/11 could look with our new sponsor

Speculation has been growing for some while about Standard Chartered after Carlsberg’s period of exclusivity to discuss new deals ended in the summer.

From next season Standard Chartered will pay Liverpool £20M a season for 4 years to be the official club sponsor.

Liverpool’s new deal matches the world record club shirt sponsorship deal – that was signed by Man United with American financiers AON, also due to start next season.

Liverpool’s current deal with Carlsberg for instance is only worth just over £7M a year and was agreed whilst Rick Parry was still at the club.

We think it is long overdue that Liverpool got a deal that reflected the club’s enormous worldwide potential and we feel that Carlsberg have had Liverpool’s sponsorship on the cheap for years.

Your thoughts on the new sponsor?

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Liverpool: Goodbye Carlsberg, Hello Standard Chartered

  1. Itz like im dreaming that carlsberg is no more…wat ever we hope the best from our team…winning is nothing doin with luck, its just how we work for it…hope that we can do better this seson with new sponsor adn new manager

  2. To be honest I was really shocked that it was not carlsberg anymore.. So not used to the new design which I just saw yesterday… I mean the design of e jersey is really good, but just not use to see standard chartered there instead of carlsberg…

  3. At last… waited for so long and it is like a dream come true. No more BEER and ended the curse . Our player will now wake up from their long period of hick up.
    7 million pound from Carlberg…sponsorship……its insulting for a big club like Liverpool.

  4. I reckon its a nice top apart from the red triangle things on it make it look cheezy i think they should have the design with the bird faded on the background of the shirt.

  5. Yes it will look like crap. I just saw a picture of the new adidas kit in the newspaper and I was like “whats going on with this crap sponsor logo”. It was like a plain aerial text on a nice red top. Liverpool have had Carlsberg for as long as I can remember, it’s just so sad to see it go. I hope it will give us better luck.

  6. Are all you lot thick?

    This is not the new kit, have any of you read the:

    “How the LFC home shirt 2010/11 COULD look with our new sponsor”

    typed underneath the picture?

    This is NOT the new top, its a mock up to show how it COULD look like!

  7. yea, i havnt bought a LFC shirt because of the carsberg logo on it. but since standard chartered is not a alcohol brand, i probably will buy one now.

  8. men…… can standard chartered go full red? red are liverpool trademark. thank you stanchart but common men….. you guys at stanchart who more on the jeysey for liverpool try something all red with sparkling dot of those bird shadow or anything as long all red.

  9. well Standard Chartered sounds bull at moment and carlsberg was amazing, if this Standard Chartered pays us 20 million then it will help the club nicely the shirt looks alright and the liverbird faded looks cool so can this new sponser bring us sum luck……………….Wen can i purchase this

  10. i hate the new logo but maybe that is because carlsberg (candy, crown, hitachi) are classics so it will take time to adjust, but can everyone stop slating carlsberg for not winning us anything – prem yes – but what about the champions league people?!

  11. Depressing to lose Carlsberg just because it’s been synonymous with LFC for so long. It sure looked a hell of a lot better on the kits than that proposed Standard Chartered look. That’s just miserable. How about at least some kind of dynamic font? Hopefully that’s not the kit that ends up coming out, it’s rather awful.

  12. About time. We needed a change of sponsors when we last won the Champions League. We deserve much more than what Carlsberg had given us. 17 years of bad luck in the league. Don’t really like the could be jersey tho. Looks like a pajama top.

  13. I really like this new deal because i as a muslim have been desperatly waiting to buy a Liverpool Jersey and now i get my chance and now this deal will give the club some more money


  14. Money money money makes football go round, we need the cash guyz…Who cares about how the kit looks..and, as long as we can buy players to improve the team so that we can bring some silverware home!

  15. Shirt looks like cheap and nasty. would suit being a rugby shirt. they need to stick with an all red kit. not so sure about the sponsor logo either :0(

  16. Great news! This is a proper sponsorship deal not like that crappy one we have with carlsberg! Not sure about the shirt design though, has to be all red as far as im concerned.

  17. Oh god that looks terrible. I think I’ll stick with the current jersey if it stays like that. It’s good that there will be more money from sponsorship though. But I’m definitely not buying that.

  18. Well its a good deal but its a shame that Carlsberg wouldn’t at least try and match the deal, Ive grown to love the Carlsberg logo on the shirt, but if the extra money helps the club win the title, more money = Hopefully better players then I’ll go with it, just wish they would spruce it up a bit looks to corperate (boring) needs that artistic flare that only liverpuddlings know how to produce. maybe they should approach the local arts collage and get the students to design a better logo, even better get Paul McCartney and Ringo to buy the club and have the Apple Corps Logo. but what do I know I’ve only been following the world game for the last 8 years, Formerly a Big Aussie Rules fan, anyhow thats my 2 pounds worth of useless information

  19. First of all , the new sponsorship might be a good chance for the team managmnet and others , but as for the players and the team itself it might be a new wave of change.So let’s hope things work out well and a big boost for the title challenge.I do agree the shirt looks bad , and I think the best they can do ( get it all red ) and LFC should collect from fans different ideas from the fans themselves and than decide on 1.because as said , the Grey doesn’t look good.But I think winning winning the PL would be more important than the design somehow.So hope they can work out both.

  20. whats wrong with being sponsered by a beer company,better than money grabbing solicictors,was going to buy lastest shirt,but not on your life now,why not sell them off cheap,by the way we don’t get paid for advertising for other people so not put sponsors name on back of shirt and team name on the front seems very logical to me,and trust our late mr parry to have had a hand it this deal,where there’s money ,theres parry,gobshite!!

  21. From 7 million a year to 20 million a year, no wonder carlberg where the sponsor so long they had a good deal til the new GM told them 20. A year thanks Rick for getting the most for our club

  22. We are currently only getting £7.5 million a year from Carlsberg This deal dwarfs that at £20m a year which is on par with what “the scum” have negotiated and with the world in economic melt down this is great business from the new chief exec. We are the biggest football shirt seller globally for adidas and now with a nonreligion conflicting sponsorship will sell more kits not only to the muslims globally but also to countries where alcohol sponsorship is banned. Lets hope the money is passed onto to the manager to get world class players (Villa, Silva et al)and not the sub standard players we seem to target.

  23. Shiraz i seem to remember us winning the treble of uefa cup fa cup and league cup then we won a cl and some other cups so not sure what team your talking about when you say

    “This is probably the best news I’ve heard. Glad to see the back of them. They have been nothing but a curse and we haven’t won anything since the sponsorship came on board.”

    Anfield Myanmar made some grate points selling more kits will be grate but i also believe Carlsberg to be like a crest like the design just not a Popper Liverpool RED but in saying that when the away shirt for this season it look a grate couler

    But I’m sure like every thing we will get use to our new sponsors over time and maybe it will bring us our long awaited league title

    And i also hope they dont go bust

    • Exactly Philip
      That sponsorship money needs to be Re-invested in the squad to strengthen and build Our side. Investing in the squad will in the long run get our club back above water not to mention finally regain the title.
      Investing in a new stadium is also a must to move our club forward So come on We need our Yank Cowboys to dig deep an invest in developing our mighty Club, instead of just skimming off the top and Selling off our assets.
      L. F.C. ’till I Die

  24. Well, if we get more money now, that’s good but i hope the kit looks better. After all that is only how the kit “could look” like.

  25. Here we go again,next season there will be three new shirts to be bought.Now i know you dont have to buy them,but do we really need three shirts every two seasons.

  26. Congrats on the new deal..All the Liverpool kit with Carlsberg sponsor will be vintage to my heart..a huge change will happen,it will not be the same again…need to improve more on the design, the Standard Charted Font(logo) seems like not fit/suitable with the kit..The shirt is NOT resemble RED enough..i love the design from REEBOK..

  27. damn( Carlsberg was the best!!!
    If Liv’pool will win EPl 09-10 i wish Carlsberg will be placed on the jersey again!!!!!! THANK U CARLSBERG!!!!

  28. Having the name of boozers on your shirt is old fashioned so glad to know that we’re moving on.It’s time to evolve so i for one gladly welcome Standard Chartered.

  29. It’s about time we got nearer to what we are worth.

    The last deal is a typical piece of Parry idiocy. Announced the day before the 2005 european cup final if memory serves me. A great piece of negotiation that.

  30. It’s a mock up not the new home kit , if true i think that an abbreviation of the company name with the logo would work better than what’s above. Maybe just the first initials enlarged alongside the logo , then it would work i think ……………,

  31. I hope it’s a prototype. I don’t want to see these white blurs on the sides of the chest.
    The backround Liverbird looks nice.

  32. Hurray! Thank God for that. At last! I can wear a Liverpool Original Jersey without any reservations at all…..
    And no more snide remarks about our club cannot win the league as they play like a ‘bunch of drunkards as the shirt suggested’…..
    Can’t wait for the new one to come….
    Home and Away kits…….

    • Maybe now we have a new sponsor we can finaly win Premier league Carlsberg (nice beer it is) didnt bring us any lic in the prem did it so hopefully its time we did dont like that shirt though hope ADIDAS dont give us it its more of a LOWER LEAGUE design give it to CHELSEA

  33. looks like a championship side strip, dont like it, but the liverbird in the background is a nice touch… loose the white bits down the sides and then maybe!

  34. I thougth this wasn´t confirmed yet, but a new sponsor would be anounced at september 18. And that the sponsor was gonna be a world known selling brand,taht is at least what I read at the Norwegian suporter site.

  35. First and foremost that kit looks awful, its not red enough and the red that is there is not a liverpool red, looks too dark although that could have something to do with the quality of the picture.

    More importantly King Sensai you might want to read a full article before jumping down the throat of one of the worlds best keepers ‘Maybe it’s time to get to realistic and not think about the title but just think about winning the next game and the next three points. After April we can think about where we are, but it makes no sense to put ourselves under this pressure of winning titles

    A classic football cliche of taking each game as it comes, does he say we cant win the title? no he doesn’t, he says lets not think about it.

    So lets be realistic, we’ve lost 2 games, 1 of which we always lose and the other against a top six side from last season, its not the end of the world and there is still a long way to go.


  36. Sensai dont talk sh!t mate – he’s being realistic. Dont get me wrong winning the a league is priority #1 but we’ve already lost as many games as we did last season so it aint a good start is it??

    Pepe’s one of the best 5 keepers round today and he’s got every right to speak his mind as he’s our #1 and will be for the forseeable.So pull ur own finger out and type some sens-ai!!!!

  37. LFC should have never dealt with with an Alcohol promoting company, the club is a sport club no tobacco or alcohol…just like the motor car racing. Any way Carlsberg was jinx and we never won the league.

  38. Just seen the article about Reina saying we havnt got a chance winning the league???????Im fuckn goin mad as he has thrown the towel in already!!!
    Pepe concentrate on your own game mate as you could be the reason we wont win the league.
    I suggest you start saving some shots instead of watchin what the others are doin and take your finger out from up your arse.

  39. Liverpool and Carlsberg have gone together for so long it will be rather weird to see a different sponsor, however, good to see the club’s true worth and history being recognised. I agree though that Liverpool should be red – perhaps less writing and just the logo as in the small Carlsberg logo below the club badge.

  40. At last we got rid of carlsberg and now time for a change in fortunes and success. Now we have got new sponsor on our shirt maybe we can win the league with a bit of luck, iam superstitious like that.

  41. This is probably the best news I’ve heard. Glad to see the back of them. They have been nothing but a curse and we haven’t won anything since the sponsorship came on board.
    Good Riddance.

    • what we’ve won every thing with them apart from the prem and we’ll win that this year a nice goodbye to them

      you’ll never walk alone

      blood is red for a reason lfc for life

  42. Carlsberg logo look nice on the Kit look dynamic because of the “~” Sign under the Carleberg name and since it is so long in the Liverpol Kit, it becomes “unoffcical second logo” of the LFC for many LFC supporter. Whenever you see Carlsberg name with the red background even without LFC crest, it immediately come to your mind is Liverpool FC instead of Beer!!

    It is shame that Carlsberg take it for granted. But it is due for longtime to get the BIG sponsorship money so Bye bye Carleberg eventhogh I like the it design on LFC kit,

    Another positive side is there will be more kit selling, because in some Muslim countries you cannot wear or sell Kit with “Alcohol Related brand” Logo due to their relehion believe. With Standard Chartered logo, LFC WILL ABLE TO SELL MORE KITS IN MIDDLEEAST AND ASIA muslim countries.

    Welcome Standard Chartered eventhough I hate that bank which give me alot of problem with my account.

    • I agree with you.I haven’t been a LFC supporter for long (only 6years), but I,ve come to associate the club with Carlsberg-it breaks my heart that they are parting ways.But maybe the reactions were the same 17years ago when Carlsberg started their relationship with the team….it’s probably for the best though.
      Im not too happy with the new shirt-I hope it will grow on me.We’ll have to wait and see.

    • I am superstitious a bit but during carlsberg era, did we won any english league ?? i dont think so…its probably because of alcohol which are bad

      • Maybe it’s true that becoz of beer company sponsor that liverpool can’t win any title…(^_^)…all the while it was all electronics sponsor like Candy…and also like MAN united sponsor SHARP bring them good luck…But didn’t know about banks…(^_^)…Even everton was also sponsored by one of the electronics company in the 80’s era…They were one of the giant during that time…

        • Jersey looks awful, yes agree w U guys, we’re ALL red. Sponsorship though should be better with more monies means better times I hope. After 17 yrs, we need better luck eh?!

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