Nemeth loaned out for season

Kristzian NemethThe club have today officially confirmed that rising star Kristzian Nemeth will go on loan to AEK Athens for the 2009-10 season, as part of the deal which brought Kyrgiakos to Anfield.

Andras Simon, a fellow Hungarian, will also spend the season away from Liverpool – going to Cordoba of Spain for the season.

20 year old Nemeth had played a major role in Liverpool’s pre-season, scoring twice against Singapore, but Benitez has decided he is not yet ready to join the mass of talent on the Liverpool bench just yet.

This post may contain some sarcasm.

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Nemeth loaned out for season

  1. what is rafa doin voronin is terrible and lucas he doesnt know which side of the pitch he is playing on. rafa need to look for youth talent like wenger and unfortuneately fergie do.

  2. Persoanlly I think we should have raided Newcastle for back-up players. Owen, Duff, Beye, Bassong have all gone on the cheap. Martins would have been better back up than Voronin.

  3. I’ve got to agree with Dunxx, Voronin, Babel, Ngog, Dossena and I’d add Lucas and El Zhar have all shown they can’t cut it in the Premier League.

    Whilst I can understand the sales of Arbeloa and Alonso I can’t
    understand why Aquilani was bought, he may be a decent player but he’s not fit until October, he’s had no pre-season, it will probably be December before he starts a game and his history shows he’s never played maore than half a season.

    Whilst I appreciate that the financial problems at the club don’t help you have to question Rafa’s buys, only Torres and Johnson would get in United or Chelsea’s team and we still only have one first choice forward.

    • I agree, the top team in EPL will not buy Voronin, Babel, Ngog, Dossena, Lucas and El Zhar. Please sell them away, get the money to buy a quality attacker. No hope if we still stick with these players.

  4. I think ColoursCulCul , Dunxx and Kev are right in all of what they’ve said.
    2 losses out of 3 is just not good enough i’m sorry to say that after watching Liverpool play so far, We are going to get rolled over too many times this season and there are only 2 teams that look unbeatable so far and they are Arsenal and Chelsea. Getting humiliated at home by Villa is just PATHETIC.
    We are relying on 2 players when we should be relying on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Torres needs David Villa, Liverpool Need David Villa and We all want to see him at Anfield. Come on Yanks show us what you promised and deliver the dosh and put LIVERPOOL back where we belong.

  5. Maybe it’s time that Rafa walked because most of what he does makes no sense whatsoever!.We clearly lack strength in depth especially a forward and he releases someone who could very well be needed just like he let go of Keane but didn’t replace him.

    Perhaps afterall it all wasn’t Rick Parry’s fault but now Rafa has no one else to blame.I’m beginning to wonder if this man is vastly overrated as a coach.

  6. Typical of Rafa. Guess we will never get to see him in a Liverpool jersey. Loan him out and prime him to be sold.
    What a joke, even watching Liverpool with Rafa in charge makes me sick.

  7. Commn mate. Nemeth needs match practice and the loan will do him good. We just have to calm down a little bit cause it was the same tralala as soon as we drew or lost last year. We need to be calm and let the boss do his magic. Just sit back and enjoy the show. We didnt make enough noise at Anfield when we needed too. Making bad noise now is not going to help.

  8. I could understand if we had an abundance of free scoring strickers, but we dont. Things are a bad state when we are bringing vorin off the bench to change a game. Why not promote some of the reserve team and give them a go, lets be honest they couldnt do any worse.

  9. Jesus what is Rafa doing. Can Nemeth do any worse than Voronin or Ngog? Why not sell Voronin and Lucas and promote Nemeth and Spearing to fill the void. They surely can’t do any worse. We’d probably get around £10m for the pair and be able to add reinforcements. I’ve defended Rafa dozens of times on this forum, but I’ve got to say my patience is wearing a bit thin. £10m would surely help us on the way to securing a decent winger or striker?

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