New Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10

Update (Now available to order!)

Liverpool’s new away kit and shirt for season 2009/10 will be black with gold adidas trim and red piping.

Liverpool’s Carlsberg sponsor will also be in gold.

Rumours have been doing the rounds on the forums since the start of the year, but we were informed that a white shirt was also under discussion as the new away top.ย  This morning we have been told that the club and adidas have decided on the black kit for Liverpool’s new 09/10 away based on sales of the reds previous blackย  shirt.

This season’s European shirt sales have been disappointing but now that we have confirmation of next years away shirt we suspect the second design of a white shirt may feature as Liverpool’s third shirt for 09/10 in order to revive sales.ย  The club’s other option is to have a second home shirt for European games, as the main Liverpool home kit will not be replaced for another 18 months.

The following mock up from RAWK is the closest design to the new shirt and hopefully we will have a real photograph to post within the next couple of weeks.

New Liverpool Away Shirt 2009/10

Update: 10th February 2009

An official ‘snap’ of the new shirt.

Liverpool Away Shirt 2009-10

Liverpool Away Shirt 2009-10

Updated: 13th May 2009

And here it is, after release – the official Liverpool FC Away Shirt for 2009/10.

Further details on pre-ordering are here

  • archie

    i have got that kit nice one isnt it ive got all the new kits this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Burthun Yaasir

    I just got one but without the barclays print…anyway its very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brandon

    im so buying the kit cause its the best 1 ive ever seen

  • Handro

    I allready own it, it was so nice that i had to buy two!!! so in this case i wear it quite often as you can imagine. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    i love that shirt. iv got the kit but i dont have the socks.

    • archie

      same i dont either

  • gazza

    this is like wow nice

  • Torresisalegend

    awsome im buyin it as soon as i can

  • hanny

    this away shirt kits is very nice and i hope it will suit fernando torres.

  • Liam

    woop woop i bought this the day it came out tis actually awesome liverpool ftw

  • kieron

    nice liverpool top it will suit glen jonson

  • Pat

    UGLY. If the players want to ref the games themselves this is what they wear is it.
    Black is not a colour for football kits, how many times do these companies need telling.

  • kadir

    i think the computer design was much better

  • katie

    MINTTTT !!!


    Very nice am buying it soon as it comes out much better then the grey nice one liverpool fc adidas keep it sexy

  • Sam Sparro – Black & Gold

    What a kit!

    In my eyes, best away kit ever, and I hope we keep those colours for many seasons to come. Very nice combo.

    Definitely will buy and wear this from day one.

  • jamie

    i think this new kit is very cool better then the grey kit didnt really like that one

  • mark

    from memory didn’t we have a black third kit a couple of years ago? just a thought.

    this one looks amazing. hopefully will find the money to buy one. i used up all my savings to buy the season ticket!!

  • Tom

    good kit i say way better than old one

  • Scotty

    Should have kept the grey one!

  • Harriet B

    i think it is very nice eventhough i dont like black. i hope my mum can buy me it after my sats

  • grimzy

    when is the release date for the shirts i can’t wait to get them

    • ROB

      13th may this week ive been told..

      • Baz

        Thursday 11th June…


  • Nicolle

    Very Smart ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i liek they grey strip a lot though!
    13th of May, this will be mine

  • Stewart

    Any shirt is beautiful with that crest on it. Awesome shirt! I think we should get a pic of it with gold badges on the arms cos were gonna win the league!

  • luke ruslng

    i lv it i is really really nice i am easy getting one with gerrard/torres on the back whoop whoop

  • Andy

    This looks a nice shirt.. much better than Liverpools 2nd and 3rd kits of this season (08/09) The Green and Grey kits are disgusting to be honest with you and yes the black kit Liverpool had last season was a nice kit so this is certainly a good move for a new design.

    Not a Liverpool fan btw..

  • josh

    New away kit top draw gold and black with red piping




  • Jack Liverpoolfan

    I like this. The colour is good, and i like the gold colour trimmings.

  • stu7

    i like it but as we know this time of year there are pics of so called new kit but turn out very wrong..

    on the other hand i do hope this is the new away as i will love to own it, just a little suggestion though, on the back at the bottom of the shirt why not have the justice 96 emblem on the shirt? this will show support to those who died supporting the gratest team in the land..


  • numan

    i would love 2 say this years kit is going to be the best kit every it look fanstatic i hope it comes out quickly i need to buy one of those

  • StijnLFC

    I was planning to buy another home shirt,
    but this just simply changes my mind…

    totally awesome!

  • Jonathan White

    i personally think it could be improved. black is commonly used and something like blue or something more bold would be bettet to make us stand out from the other clubs.
    not your best work adidas

    prefer the grey kit

    • lee givnan

      are you mad??
      did you say blue?
      i think the black and gold is very classy, something this prestigous club needs

    • Gavin

      There is a reason why we do not have blue kits. This year’s third kit will be the closest to blue we will ever get.

    • ROB

      If its blue you want…you’ve got the wrong end of Mersey side….lol

  • Daniel Martyn

    What a gorgeous shirt. Yet another shirt I will be proud to wear. They seem to get better every year. What is next?!!!!!

  • Polish Fan

    I like black colour. I think this shirt is great. I hope we win Premiership in this shirt ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Adrain ferguson

    very Nice

  • Jason in Dublin

    Lads, new jersey posted out today… looks nothing like whats above but its still nice… all plain black… i dont know

  • pauL_F_C

    lol true say james bowen but its a nice shirt looks classy. make the badge gold and the red lighter, to LIVERPOOL RED!

  • James Bowen

    its not important what kit we got as long as we win trophies i dont care

  • mattg

    It is the best away kit for years better than this years which looks like pj’s

  • ChrisBLFC4LIFE

    Mine will be with Torres 9 on the back i expect! ;-}

    • ROB

      Does anybody know what colour they will use if you wanted this shirt printed on the back??? Also gold im hoping!!
      The best Liverpool shirt ive seen in years may i add..

  • Sean

    very nice. lovin the gold trimming.

  • phil benitez

    Superb shirt to celebrate us winning everthing next year

  • Joe&cam

    Cam is not a scouser and supports arsenal!!! He reckons great shirt and amazing design, joe supports liverpool and says lush shirt and come on the reds!!!

  • Annetta Darandri

    This tee is soo cool,classy,and very sexy!can’t wait to own one…

  • tracey

    it is the best away shirt we have had for years and it is better than the gray one that is ok

  • Michael

    Will look good with GOLD premiership badges!!!

  • Rammy

    I love this new away shirt because its way better than the grey one!!!!
    but i must admit that i dont really like the current home kit because it doesnt look right on torres and its to weird!!!(thats what i think)
    i loved the 07/08 home kit because torres looked good in it and the design was brilliant!!!!!!!!

  • bazzzer99

    very nice kit

  • fingers Malone

    Why can we not have red stripes on the sleeves and red sponsor instead of gold? (basically, a short sleeved version of the current goalie’s away top). It would not make the badge stand out so much either and would all blend nicely, as well as looking mean! Yes, very ‘Milan’ but is that a bad thing?!

  • imran

    Best shirt in the world ever seen in my life and great shirt for a great team and the new away shirt looks brilliant, it will look better with the gold Premiership badges on next season !!!

  • ben

    this is a cool shirt come on u reds.

  • bedz

    Awesome lovin it cantwaitto get it woop woop!!!!!

  • debbie

    im gonna look so cool in that loveeeee itttttt ,

  • Skuter69

    The design is very nice. When can I buy it?

  • oski

    love that shirt!!!

  • King Sensai

    For night games it would be good as the other team wont be able to see us .
    I hope we can see our own players

  • Steven Low

    The new 09/10 liverpool away shirt look wonderful!

  • Magno

    The new away shirt looks brilliant, it will look better with the gold Premiership badges on next season !!!

  • sara

    It is beautiful.

    And I think the grey shirt was too.

  • Big Al

    Like the shirt but I would like the black kit to be worn only in April each year need I say more.

  • philip

    Take away the red stripe,or the red should only go along the shoulder part & down to the lower part of the jersey like an armour. Then the jersey will look for like a warrior. Nice. Good improvement….

  • Sarah

    What a sexy shirt, I love it

  • Allan D

    NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    mancs colours are red, white and black … have been for donkeys
    Ours are red, white and yellow/green and that’s what we should stick to … or am I just ‘one of the old school’

  • Phil G

    Terrific looking shirt,hope they do it in size FB (Fat Boy that is).Can’t wait to get one!

  • Dave

    I like it, i’ll definately be getting one of these when it comes out. Black makes a nice change aswell,

  • RedStorm

    A classy sleek looking top that I’ll definitely own.
    Well done Adidas.

  • farooqi

    Love it – Brilliant.
    Great shirt for a great team.

  • Christian Iversen

    The best football shirt ever..

  • Naym

    I like it much, very very much.:-)

  • F.Torr9s

    I think its good so much better than we have now but i’d like to see it from the back!

  • GB

    Sorry but a black change kit has always been the Manure change kit in my eyes. can still see the viewcam rubbish on the front

  • Satha

    Bring back the golden colour we used years ago, when our team won such golden honours in the league.

  • Satha

    Black is for mourning. Are we getting ready to mourn the loss of our record league championship wins?

  • S.G

    Best shirt!

  • LFC 4EVA

    After years of embarassing merchandise at last we have a shirt to be proud of.

    Hopefully (I pray) this will be the next away shirt & the rest of our merchandise will follow in the same way.

  • Kristian Klev

    Hope that this is really the next away shirt!
    it is going to be the best Liverpool shirt, ever! ๐Ÿ˜€
    *crossing my fingers and prays to adidas!*

  • kasper danielsen

    Nice Nice Nice. When can I buy it?

  • CRK

    The design is fantastic. We should definitely start sticking to a set colour of shirts. They’ll still get bought. White away and yellow or black change kit.

  • Arne j Pettersen

    We’ll look like a referee shirt:-)

  • Babel4Life

    This is one sexy bit of kit. Definately gonna get me one of these. And your right, the past away shirts have been shocking.. Hate the collar on them too…

    Make this happen LFC and Adidas.

  • Michael Lim

    This color is better than the grey or yellow color.
    Think black is gold, black is cool.
    This shirt will sells well too, other thean the home’s red shirt. Fantastic color choice…..
    I m lovin’ it…..

  • rouman

    nice shirt why not do a red one with black trimmings. ie liverbird in black as well? that will be are second home kit in europe.

  • Alex

    Great looking new shirt. Anything has to be better than the grey and previous yellow versions, will deffinately be purchasing one.

  • divik

    very nice

  • priesty10

    Cool, I like this, I quite like the idea of a black shirt and also a white shirt with as little other colour on as possible!

    Not supprised about poor sales of the 3rd kit tho…………..

  • Boon

    Gold trimmings on black. Good sign of silverwares to come !

  • ynwa

    Amazing…..I like this one a lot…..and do away with that horrible GREY… we been saying….which must have been designed by a Manure supporter, so away you go mr GREY and DON’T EVER COME BACK.

    • nazm0

      Well at least we’ll have one sweet memory of that rotten grey strip, we beat the mancs 4-1 in it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Aron Rafaelsen

    This is a Beautiful shirt, Iยดll own it

  • Brijule

    That is quite a shirt. Beautiful. Magnifico!