Rafa critical of Barry’s greed

Gareth BarryRafa Benitez has held nothing back in slamming Gareth Barry’s financial greed in a move to Man City. Benitez was disappointed to miss out on the player, however was glad that he was aware of the player’s ‘passion’. Or lack of.

Reports have suggested Barry is on more than £100k a week after joining Man City, a figure Liverpool would have offered around half that amount.

“Maybe it’s just me but in this market now, money is not the main thing,” Benitez said. “Everyone at this level earns big money. You have to enjoy [it], make decisions, do your best in the right way.

“If it’s just for money sometimes you will make mistakes, like Gareth Barry. I won’t say too much but it [his move to City] was clearly for money – 100 per cent. It’s not a bad thing to miss out on him. The most important thing is to know the passion of the player.

“We did go back again for Barry, but as I said it is all about money, money, money. It is as simple as that. It was difficult, some clubs are offering big money. But he [Johnson] wanted to come here, that was the difference. City have signed a lot of good players, but that is no guarantee they will win anything. It will be interesting to see what happens next season.”

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Rafa critical of Barry’s greed

  1. We dont need a fat overated Barry when we already have the best creative midfield in the prem league. Well done to Glen Johnson on following his footballing ambition, Already a reds legend in the making. YNWA

  2. Man City are like an overgrown kid in a candy shop buying everything that they can get their hands on.Barry though a good and versatile player is nowhere near what City have paid but he’ll do a good job for them.

    Over the years we’ve spent heavily ourselves but never in the region of £30 million or over because we can’t afford that kind of money and neither is Rafa the type to sign such greedy players even the funds were available.Someone will always be trying to buy the league with hard cash but we must never forget our roots and tradition of what we’re all about.Teams like City can dwell in temporary glory but class is permanent anyway lets see you win the league nevermind champions league!

  3. G Barry 2008 would have loved to join Liverpool and play in Champions league, his own words. G Barry 2009,, give me the money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank god we didnt sign him, we only want players who play for the pride of being part of the best football club in the world, second to none,, dont believe me ask the best two players in the world, S Gee and Nando

  4. Leave Barry alone and let us face our future. The guy will be in city’s jersey next season. All he will be thinking of is how to cash his 100k weekly wages. If that is what suits him best let it be. The holy spirit tells me he will surely walk alone next season i can bet you for that. QED

  5. I agree with my fellow Liverpool fans, we are better off without Barry. he is only an average player at best. The money saved from not signing this twat should go towards offering Xabi & Mascherano new contracts. I believe money is a motivation for any player nowadays along with the status of playing professional football. The celeb culture we now have has alot to blame for this. The word great is used freely when discribing most players nowadays. Michael Owen for example, in 20 years time, will many people remember him for the player he was or the one he could have been? He was perhaps the first big star to chase the money and look where that got him! Steve McMamaman is another, except for a C/L final goal with Real, his career was largely one made up with flashes of genious but defined by inconsistancies. Again he chased the money. The powers that be (Premier League, UEFA, FA, FIFA) need to stop this madness and halt clubs from spending stupid sums of money on players and wages. The fans are the life blood of any club, they pay their way, ride the waves of passion and come back whether their team wins, looses or draws. The majority of players will still put their gready hand out and take the wage, appearance fee and anything else they can. At present people are loosing jobs every day of the week, clubs ignore this and still pay stupid amounts and ignore the fans plight. Greatness is earned but in the age of Sky Sports it is now awarded.
    I know it is constantly thrown in Rafa’s face for spending £200M+, but at least he has now relialised that the majority of players are twats who only want to line their pockets and make the hangers on & agents rich. The only critism i have of Rafa is that he seems to view the home made talent as a means to boost the transfer kitty in some small way. Example (Sell Guthrie for 1 million and then sign Lucas for 7 million, Give El Zhar a contract extension but sell Anderson for £300,000, the list is endless) 2 FA Youth cups recently, the young players cannot be that bad & should get a chance before the likes of Babel, Degen and co ?????

    Greatness is earned, not reawarded for just been around long enough.

  6. I can see Why Rafa is getting annoyed by the way players choose there clubs but if the player is more concerned about money were better off without them,no matter where players go nowadays there going to earn a fortune so when Mr Barry sits off when hes retired he might just regret chasing more money when hes looking at his empty trophy cabinet,well in Johnson for chasing glory rather than sittin off with fat frank n co, in Rafa we trust!

  7. I dont mind that we didnt get Barry. Its not a massive loss.
    And whats with all the Man City fans posting on here? This is Anfield online, website for Liverpool fans not for twats to come on and have a pop at Rafa. The truth is City can only attract money grabbers. They dont care about the club. I hope it all comes back and backfires on City. In a few years time they still havnt won anything and the owner gets bored and leaves. That would wipe the smug smiles off all City fans faces. I cincerely hope Eto’o snubs them because they already have been by Kaka and a few others.
    And as for Gareth”I want to play in the Champions League” Barry, i hope he has a season like Robinho last season, hugely disappointing.
    Liverpool till i die YNWA

  8. Tut tut !! Money doesn’t Guarantee success, players wit heart, passion dedication an a desire to win achieve this. City fans take note, Steven Ireland and Richard Dunne are the only ones you’ve got that posess these qualities and Dunne’s on way to pastures new.
    Not one of your signings say they came to the club cause they wanted to win or cause they love what your club stands for. Sure Robinho thought he was on way to Utd!!!
    Congrats on Barry aquisition, U paid double and a crazy wage for a player who would only have been cover for at L.F.C. Barry’s decision to sign for a club who achieved nothing last year over a club who only lost twice all season is Proof that his Values are not what we require at Liverpool.
    Great players are in the profession of Football to WIN matches, Titles and put their name in the History books. Not to Get what they can out of it !! This is why Man Sh1tty will not reep success by only signing players who’s noses follow the Money.
    Liverpool over City any day I’d play for free just to be part of that team, that family, that Club. YNWA

  9. you city fans cannot seriously say that barry didnt go at least partly for the money. I mean, yeh city will probably come in the top 7/8 this season and are looking good for the future but when are they gonna be playing champions league football with liverpool chelsea utd and arsenal playing in the top 4?

  10. As a City fan i think Rafa should take a step a step back and think. Last Summer he wanted Barry. He spent all summer humming and Harring over a fee of 18mill and would not pay that, even when Gerrard pleaded with Benitez to get him. He then bought Keane for 21mill. No. Sorry Benny baby. You sent Barry a message saying you would only sign him on the cheap. Tough luck. It’s our turn for a day in the sun and boy is it sunny in Abu Dhabi!

  11. He’s come to city because we are the future.What is the point of these rants from the fat spanish waiter ( the hypocrite) liverpool have spent a fortune over the years paying bigger wages just like the rags, now its our turn enjoy CTID!…

  12. When players for Liverpool they are good professionals, when they opt for City they are greedy.
    Could it be that Gareth just didn’t want to play for Mr Grumpy.

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