Rafa knocks Fergie off his perch

Benitez Press ConferenceIt’s been a long while but thankfully for football somebody has finally stood up and knocked Ferguson ‘off his perch’.

Nearly every week Ferguson decides to criticise the latest match referee, the Premiership or the FA.  For too long the Man United boss has been able to question the integrity of many in the game – yet failing to look at some of the on-field antics of his players, his staff and even himself.

At today’s pre-match press conference Benitez was asked about Ferguson’s jibes that Liverpool won’t win the league and about Ferguson’s complaints about the fixture list.  (For those of you who missed it Ferguson made comments along the lines of United being hard done by and that he would be ‘sending a United delegation down to the Premier League to see how the fixtures are decided’.)

Benitez reached in to his pocket and highlighted some facts.

While some United fans have been quick to label this as a rant like Kevin Keegan’s, this was a calculated and analytical assessment of Ferguson’s behaviour.

All hail the Rafa!

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Rafa knocks Fergie off his perch

  1. I love Rafa to pieces but that outburst, in my opinion wasn’t a smart move. I used to think we were above petty squabbling like this. I used to think we were all about shutting people up on the pitch. To quote Brian Clough ‘go out and get three points and they’ll all shut up’. Perhaps we haven’t got the ability to do this anymore, such was our inept performance at Stoke. We seem to be doing everything in our power to derail our own title chances this season. First Gerrard being arrested, now Rafa’s attempted mind games. A pathetic draw at Stoke and a crushing win for Utd over Chelsea shows that this particular outburst did not work in our favour. Rather than take the pressur off us, it has increased the pressure because now we’ve become the club that can’t stop talking about other people, a hall mark of second raters. It hurts to say this but the first thing that sprang to my mind following Rafa’s outburst was the pathetic one Ferguson gave following a 3-3 draw between the two clubs in 1988 when he said ‘refs were intimidated at Anfield’ and Kenny told reporters that you’d get more sense out of his baby daughter than Alex Ferguson.

  2. everton 4 life Jan 9th 2009 [20:01]

    You useless, delueded, daft piece of shit. You support a club that wins fuck all, year after year after year! There’s always next year for your shower of shit to win fuck all, yet again!

    Rafa makes more sense than both those Scottish muppets put together!

    Everton 4 Life … what was the last piece of recognised silverware you won?

    They probably won a mini chrome-plated mirror each in their crap Tesco value crackers! They need to take a good look at themselves!

  3. We knew it was out there, finally the truth has been told!

    Can’t wait to hear Fergie’s response – must be choking on his cereal reading the papers this morning! Ha!

  4. Red Nosed Fergie is just about as sore a loser as the bitters. Well shove this in your gob and choke on it you twat……………you’ve had your day mate, it’s our turn again now.
    So you better get used to losing against us, cos this season is the first of many…….Ha ha ha

  5. That awesome Senor… lets game talk and keep silent coz silent is a gold..
    Walk..on..walk on.. with hope in your heart and YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE…

  6. ^^ Fancy us being told ‘There’s always next year’ from an Evertonian. Didn’t you spend about £15 million on that Fellatio guy? We’ll see you beauts at Anfield in a couple of weeks.

  7. hahaha red s***e losers.you aint going to win the league you bunch of norweigan t***s.you can use your favourite phrase “theres always next year” though so dont worry.
    you spen millions each year not to win the league.your manager does not know how to develope players and has continually spent tonnes of cash on crap players.
    wake up and stop being delusional…you arent goin to win the prem……what a joke you are

  8. 1. Well timed – before Chelsea match (Chelsea have excellent away record this season)

    2. Take pressure away from SG and teamates – Rafabulous!

    3. Make that bloke eigref chew his jaw off!!!!

    4. I’m starting to think that the Ferrari incident was eigref’s doing. A daring ‘hair dryer’ treatment after Ronnie said he want to join real.

  9. Top man Rafa – old rednose needs putting in his place. It’s about time the refs clamped down on the Mancs – the most hated team ever. They have got away with it for years – a team in decline, a manager on his last legs. Let’s hop 2009 brings us all the ultimate gift – the Premiership, and the fall of United.

  10. Fully deserved. That Slur Alex has had this coming for a long time. I’m just glad it was our gaffer that managed to achieve this amazing feat.

    Take that Fergie – now go and lose to the Chavs!

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