Reds draw with Notts County

Sorry for the delay in filing my report  f_whistle Got held up in the bar afterwards, I have to say the hospitality tonight at Meadow Lane was top notch, we had a lovely three course meal and a free bar  Grin and it’s not a bad little ground you know either.

Liverpool started the game brightly and I was pleased to see Nemeth and Pacheco starting up front for the Reds, the team played well and deserved their lead after Pacheco put us ahead.

Notts County had almost all of their first team out for this match, and they were bigger physically and stronger than most of our lads, in fact some of the players squared up to each other on more than one occasion, obviously caught up in the heat of the moment.

This was a real coup for County to get Liverpool down at Meadow Lane and they couldn’t cope with the speed of Bruna and Pacheco who ran them ragged in the first half.

On the half hour mark Nemeth got a nasty injury, it was the only way they could stop him, he ended up being treated on the sideline for ages, he tenderly limped back onto the pitch but you could tell he wasn’t right, he lasted all of ten minutes and had to go off to be replaced by Ryan Crowther.

They scored just before half time and then again immediately after half time, both with set pieces, they had the better of the second half, so I was impressed when we equalised, Liverpool brought on Nikola Saric, Andras Simon, Robbie Threlfall and Alex Kacanikilic.

It was Simon who struck the equaliser, and it was a well deserved draw that the Reserves pulled out the hat tonight, the lads played well, I have to say that Chris Mavinga really impressed me tonight as it’s the first time I’ve seen him play, and also Threlfall played outstanding when he came on.

Just hope Nemeth’s injury isn’t to serious.

Overall I would say a draw was a fair result tonight, the future looks bright and I hope John McMahon has a good season ahead of him.

There was a minute’s silence for Sir Bobby Robson before the game which was impeccably observed, Sven was sitting about 5 rows in front of me, and to be fair to him he signed everybody’s autograph at the end of the game…….I couldn’t see Nancy anywhere though

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Reds draw with Notts County

  1. Good to hear the reserves starting well, it sounds like they outplayed Notts in the first half, so good on them. I’m hoping this season to see Nemeth and maybe Pacheco on the bench so I hope Nemeths injury isn’t to bad. Well done lads.

  2. THIS SUMMER has been the worst in years. Only talk about Alonso. Who cares about Alonso? Last year Rafa wanted to sell him. This year we want to make money? Ok. But the problem is that we have been sleeping too long.

    Liverpool is a sleeping dragon. A dragon who sleeps very deeply.

    What will happen this year is that the dragon will wake up.

    To the delight of Liverpool fans and those who love English football.

    Mr. Rafa Benitez has had his years as an apprentice, in the next year he MUST win, it’s as easy as that. Steven is nearly 30 years, Torres soon goes back to the Mini Real.

    Not since Barnes and Rosenthal crushed Charlton in 1990 have we won the the PL.

    Thanks to Souness and plenty bad leaders, we are where we are now.

    Is not it exciting that we can beat Chelsea then? With all the money they have?

    When you go to a pub, you can often have a lot of money, but if you do not have any friends, it is not much singing.

    This year, we MUST show them that we are best, because we are best, THE DRAGON MUST AWAKEN.

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