Reina believes reds midfield will stay intact

reinaLiverpool keeper Pepe Reina believes that both Mascherano and Alonso will not be leaving Anfield this summer.

The goalkeeper insists that Rafa Benitez will be reluctant to allow the dismantling of his spine as Barcelona and Real Madrid are believed to be circling for the two players.

“I believe that he [Benitez] has his mind very clear and his idea in these moments is to not sell.

“He wants to continue with a team he has known for a long time, with an already fundamented base and where we know almost everything.

“Whoever wants to touch this team or this structure [Liverpool] will have to pay a lot of money.”

Reina is also alleged to have fired a broadside at both Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez for their ‘reasons’ for not joining England’s most succesful club.

“Apparently, they moved for the money. That is their decision but I also think it is their problem if they cannot see that Liverpool is a bigger club,

“It’s up to them what they do but let me tell them that I am very proud to play for Liverpool. We can offer European football and I think that should have been a consideration for them.

“Everybody knows what it is to play for Liverpool. It’s a pleasure and a tremendous honour. I am surprised they didn’t consider these things.

“Some things in a player’s career should be more important than money.”

Well said Pepe.

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Reina believes reds midfield will stay intact

  1. I would like to see each and every player at Anfield for the season to come, and I hope that the Xabi and Mach will not consider money more than the loyalty to the club by respecting their contract and help LFC win the Premier League

    • owen,keane,cisse,crouch,baros haven`t done much scince they the left the reds, I think they will do the same.they`ve admitted that they loved the club an`fans.. top scorer owen ,how many has he scored for newcastle in 1 month? not very much,for the reds?almost every game same with the rest

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