Singapore fans, and Rafa, urge Alonso to stay

Liverpool’s red contingent in Singapore have played their part in reminding Xabi Alonso that Liverpool FC should be uppermost in his mind at a training session yesterday.

Fans in the crowd wore T-shirts urging Xabi to stay at Liverpool (in Spanish, of course) and Rafa Benitez commented about it.

“I told him that he could hear the fans yesterday.

“I said to him, ‘Maybe you have to stay’

“Clearly, my idea is he’s a very good player and we’ll be really pleased if he stays. All the players and his team-mates want him to stay.

“If we keep Xabi I will be very pleased.”

Speaking to the Daily Post, Alonso himself commented on Liverpool’s future season.

“It is very difficult to win the Premier League.

“But if we do things better than last season then we will have a good chance.

“We did really well against the top four teams but we drew too many games at home which meant we weren’t in a strong position going into the last few matches.

“At the start of last season we wanted to progress and we did that – we were not able to win it but we went a lot closer that in previous seasons. This season we have to be looking to get up to 90 points – we certainly have the belief.”

Liverpool take on Singapore tomorrow at midday UK time.

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Singapore fans, and Rafa, urge Alonso to stay

  1. I really salute the liverpool players for the game against singapore on july 26th in singapore. I really take my hat of them. It was really a priviledge for my mum and sis taking photos with the players at oriental hotel singapore ballroom .

  2. Saw him play yesterday. Everyone was cheering for him the entire game until he came on at 77 minutes, it was great hope that translates to him staying on…

  3. Ian,

    I thought that too. I think the fact that he has said ‘we’ and also refers to the future in the same sentence gives me a little hope that he might stay. Thanks goodness for those Singapore fans. Sing away please and make HUGE banners!!

    Terri Anne, Liverpool

  4. Now that Xabi is back with Rafa and the squad im sure he will concentrate on his career at Liverpool, The same applies to Mascherano. Im sure Liverpool will give them new deals that reflect their status in the game, Im more confident by the day that both will stay to win the title. We have many world class players now and the fact that everyone wants them is testament to Rafa Benitez, Glen Johnson will be a superstar at Liverpool causing mayhem down the wing plus his goal threat.

  5. Good to hear Xabi say “we” and not Liverpool or they. I hope he has made up his mind to stay. This is the first time I`ve read a clear message from Raffa……

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