Two strikers who don’t want Anfield move

Two apparent Liverpool striking targets have played down talk of a move to Anfield to stay at their current clubs.

Kleber (L), Lavezzi (R)

Kleber (L), Lavezzi (R)

Kleber (full name Kléber Giacomace de Souza Freitas), the Brazilian striker with Cruzeiro, has said that Liverpool have made a £6 million bid for him. He only joined the club in February after 4 years at Dinamo Kiev.

Speaking to his local sports TV station he said:

“I have a proposal from Liverpool for €7 million (about £6 million). We are analysing it”

“I want to stay.

“If Cruzeiro offer the same amount, or we talk, I’d prefer to stay. But we haven’t talked yet.”

Napoli striker Ezequiel Lavezzi has also poured cold water on a possible move to Liverpool.  The player, who some reports value at £18 million, was speaking to the Italian media.

“Liverpool’s offer? I want to stay at Napoli.

“I hope everything will be made clear but it depends on the club not on me.

“I reiterate that my wish is to remain at Napoli.”

His manager, Roberto Donadoni said,

“I hope the situation gets resolved.

“Lavezzi has to understand his own potential better – not because he doesn’t work hard but because he doesn’t know his own defects.”

Pretty uninspiring comments from his manager and with only 15 goals in nearly 60 games I’m sure the reds can do far better with their money. I remember the last player we bought from an Italian club who was allegedly a defender… I rest my case.

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  • Carter

    I agree with many of the positive points about Lucas, but I can’t remember a single match where I was truly pleased overall with his performance. He constantly makes ill-advised tackles (which he somehow gets away with) and is always turning the ball over. If he is that rated internationally, I would definitely rather sell him to finance players of real quality like villa and silva.

    • Richard

      Man U away?

      If we’re going to castigate players, why not mention Masch giving the ball away against chelsea in the CL, again against arsenal, Xabi’s own goal, yossi giving away free kicks against Everton

      etc etc etc

      All players make mistakes, and young players make more than experienced pro’s, but again, look at his OPTA stats, and look also at his style of play – keeps it short and simple and keeps the ball moving in order to play the rotation football so beloved of Rafa.

      Personally, I am 100% sure that Lucas should stay – if we need to get rid to fund buys, then sell Babel, Dossena and maybe Yossi.

      I know the Yossi idea might be contentious, but he had a very poor first half of the season, and is similar to Silva and Levezzi both of whom I’d prefer.

      I’m pretty sure a few of the ressies will go as well, but not for much, and we will keep the best of them.

  • nokx

    get somebody who has proven…tavez…villa… go after them..price them.. they cant deny champions league football next season.. if u have to get somebody from south America…get a name who scores week in week out…

  • Blindside

    Exactly when is the potential of Pacheco ( another brilliant game in Holland) going to be realized? He was bought as a striker so is he ever getting into the first team? I suppose we will have to wait until he turns 28 or thereabouts and then rue the days we never played him …


    • Richard

      or Nemeth for that matter.

      I expect to see them play in at least the Carling Cup next season along with a few other of our reserves.

      I also expect Spearing to step up and start getting a few PL starts.

  • Imran

    Benitez seems to be obsessed with second rate Brazilians like Lucas and Kleber,Aurelio isn’t the best player at Liverpool either! We need quality now not quantity so it’s better to sign three brilliant players then six average ones.

    Start thinking quality Rafa!.

    • Narmi

      Correct Imran. Why can’t the fool see we need, Kaka, Ribery and Ibrahimowiz, and buy them, instead of looking at second rate players. That is really beyond me.


      • Imran

        We’re at the stage now where spending £30 million on two players is better then buying five average ones for the same amount because the spine of the team is strong.Just need the final touches and everything will be like clockwork!

        Think before opening your mouth!

    • Richard

      Lucas is 2nd rate???

      The youngest ever south american player of the year, a full brazil international who has all the attributes to be a modern great and he’s 2nd rate?

      Let me put it simply for you
      1) He’s playing out of position – he was always a box to box player before joining us.
      2) He keeps a move flowing, with short simple passes before moving into space to receive and pass again.
      3) He’s only 22 and will improve vastly over the next few years.
      4) He has better stats than Gerrard, Xabi or Masch for tackling and passing completion last season.
      5) Rafa, Gerrard, Xabi, Masch and all the coaching staff rate him very highly and integral to the future being built – what makes you think you know better.

      Let’s move on to Aurelio – he’s the best left back at the club, as we saw as soon as he had a good run of games.
      He understands the team dynamic, gets forwards and defends well, is a good passer and has game intelligence.

      As for the 2 players mentioned in the article, I would much prefer Lavezzi, he’s quick, 2 footed, can dribble, beat players and score – in other words he’s what we expected Babel to be except he can actually kick the ball with his left foot.

      Will he come?
      Who knows – but one things for sure: If he does then the fans need to get behind him as they should with ALL our players instead of bitching about them in a know nothing way, thinking that playing a computer “management” game makes them an expert.

      • Nick pryor

        Lucas is crap ,your talking shite, he’s always giving the
        Ball away.

        • jason thomas

          give a pen away to wigan…got sent off against everton in fa cup, for sale say no more.if we can only buy one player PLEASE! let it be Teves(thats all i want for christmas!) hes like Torres and Kuyt wraped into one,he can play any where and a great ball and goal poacher.Hes just what the doctor(elusive 19)orderd

        • Richard

          Try having a look at his OPTA stats.

          He gives the ball away LESS than Xabi, Masch or Gerrard.

          His pass completetion percentage is higher than any of them.

    • Red

      Imran, fully agreed. We’ve loads of so called potentials that we bought wholesale over the years and not to mention the hype that came together with it but in a matter of 1 or 2 years these so called potentials drifted to oblivion and sold cheap and had a big knock effect on our books. That’s why we’re in the red at the moment. Over the last 3 years I believe Rafa does not know how he wants the team to play and he kept buying players and try to fit them in. Now that he has gone thru the final lap in our quest to win the league, he now knows how the game should be played ie fast, furious and robust to win the league. Agreed, stop wasting resources on the so called poteantials, sell those dead wood and buy 2 if possible 3 proven players and we’re on our way to the 19th.