Voronin II: The Return?

After the earlier story from Hertha Berlin’s President stipulating an agreement had been reached with Liverpool, ahead of tomorrow’s clash against England, the Ukraine striker has declared:

“I would love to come back to Liverpool.

Voronin thinks that Robbie Keane’s arrival and injury prevented Andriy Voronin from showing his full potential at Anfield, and he wants to come back and make an impact.

“Not as number five or six or to sit on the bench or to watch the match.”

“There are certain offers (to sign me), I’m going to discuss them with my agent and take it from there

“I don’t think I was given a fair chance.

“If it were not for the transfer of Robbie Keane I think I could have shown much more of what I was capable of. I also had three months of injury with a hamstring tear.

“With that sort of injury you need a long time to recover and have to start proving yourself again.”

Many fans were quick to suggest that Keane wasn’t given a fair chance at Liverpool, however despite the Irishman’s familiarity with the Premiership both him and Voronin have almost identical records for Liverpool.

But, surely not?

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Voronin II: The Return?

  1. Let’s be honest, not our first pick striker, but we can’t exactly be choosers for the rest of the season can we? Just thinking of back up, that’s all.

  2. The above is true, the article never said a deal was in place. Jimbo, you obviously didnt read it through.
    I’m still not sure about Voronin, yes he has scored goals this season for Hertha but he didnt last season for us and the Bundesliga isnt as competitive as the Premier League. I think Liverpool fans should watch him closely tonight when England play Ukraine.

  3. Well he talks like a politician flip flop and out of both sides of his mouth. He doesn’t seem to be injury prone which is a plus. but he is trying to line up a plan b if plan a doesn’t go ahead re if Hertha back out. He likes burning his bridges then backtracking. If he plays well today against England he will do himself a big favour.

  4. Jimbo

    The first line of our article states:

    ‘Andriy Voronin looks set to complete a transfer to his loan club, Hertha Berlin, but only on condition that the club qualify for the Champions League.’

    I’ve read back through but I can’t see where we said the ‘deal was in place.’ We said a fee had been agreed, assuming Hertha qualify.

  5. The problem is, their president never said a deal was in place, you said that. He only said they could only sign him if they qualified for the CL, not that a deal was in place. You jumped to conclusions.

    Voronin should have been brought back when we sold Keane. FACT.

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