Carragher testimonial in September

Number 1.... Carragher....

Only yesterday we were highlighting Jamie Carragher’s long Anfield career and the player has today announced some preliminary plans for a Liverpool XI v Everton XI testimonial to be held at Anfield on the 4th September.

Proceeds from the testimonial will go towards the 23 Foundation, a charity set up by the player.  Players such as Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Didi Hamann and Michael Owen are likely to take part.

Carragher said:

“It has been in the pipeline for four or five months and I’m delighted now that I can start to talk about it properly.

“Everton were always my first idea. If we had gone for a foreign team, they would have incurred appearance fees and travel costs.

“But that is not what this game is going to be about; the money we raise is for the city of Liverpool and Merseyside in general.

“Everyone knows I was an Evertonian when I was a kid and I thought it would be appropriate for the two teams in my life to have a game of football.”

Jamie Carragher has been the subject of some contract speculation towards the end of this season. He has one year left on his contract and the reds have not yet formally offered him a contract extension but Jamie insisted that there is no rush to sort anything out until the start of next season.

“I’ve spoken to the manager about it and we both agreed that would be better.

“I don’t want to retire yet. I understand at my age, you can only make decisions season by season.

“But I want to finish my career at Liverpool. I don’t want to play for anyone else.”

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Carragher testimonial in September

  1. well i have to say, if they again treat him like they have treated nearly every lfc player that plays for this shite whole country, then it is only what i think of england over rated national team all along.

    I have had enough of hearing england this and england that, i can tell you england will not win the world cup, they will again shunt gerrard around the team just to fit him in, carra unless has been spoken to by the manager will be used a bloody make weight,, i hope england get beaten and get knocked out in the first group stages, by the way its liverpool and liverpool alone, could not give to fucks for england, and as for ashley cole the best left back in the world, er no way, the best full back is maicon next is lahm, of germany,

  2. Well done CARRA you deserve it !
    You’ve given everything to this club over the years, sacrificed your England career and never wavered in your loyalty. You are what all children , supporters and pundits should classify as a role model because you have never wavered off or on the field. Your actions as a player and as a man are what all should aspire to and if only other footballers were as honourable as you we would have a pure and noble sport to support .


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