Darby and Ince off to Notts County

Stephen Darby

Stephen Darby and Tom Ince have both gone to Notts County on loan until January.

18 year old Ince, and 22 year old Darby have both gone straight in to the squad for tonight’s game away at Hartlepool.  Notts County are currently 19th in League 1.

It appears that while Ince has gone for some valuable experience, Darby appears unfavoured at Anfield and the move could be an attempt to place him in the shop window for a transfer in January.

We wish both players good luck in their stint at the club, who are now managed by Paul Ince.

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Darby and Ince off to Notts County

  1. ha Ince immediately grabs his son on loan supposed to be a decent kid as well fast with a solid left foot. Im suprised Stephen Darby is being completely overlooked he played in the champions league once I seem to remember under Benitez and had a few cup games perhaps he hasn’t progressed as well as Kelly. Good luck to both.

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