Liverpool await UEFA Atletico decision

UEFA have said they will discuss the huge travel chaos and the effect it could have on all European football this coming week in a specially convened meeting on Monday.

Most of Europe is under a total air travel black-out due to an erupting volcano in Iceland.  The first major eruption of this volcano for 200 years, combined with wind directions, has brought air traffic to a complete stand-still.

Liverpool were due to fly out to the Spanish capital on Wednesday in preparation for their game on Thursday night, but with no sign of flights returning there is a strong chance that the game could be postponed.  This could have a significant knock on effect for Liverpool – the 2nd leg was scheduled for the following Thursday.

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Liverpool await UEFA Atletico decision

  1. El nino is out for the rest of the season so who’s gonna get the goals ??? Ngog ? i don’t think sooooooooooo. Were done this year lads.

    Thanks lady luck, you had to visit Manchester didn’t you ?! and London and everywhere but Liverpool, GREAT EH ?. Someone get some ‘Feng Shui’ experts in and some exorcists to banish the bloody negative luck we’ve had this year cuss it’s been a fu*@in doozie !!!!!

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