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Liverpool Squad Photo 2010/11

  1. Liverpool coach is worth more prudent in choosing the players who will be deployed in every game, I see there are many professional players who often are on the bench in a few games. I wish I could give advice that can be accepted on the squat is more appropriate, such as John Flanagan, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger, Glen Johnson, Gerrard Jonjo Shelvey, Sterling on the left side, Downing on the right side, Suso As left-wing as well as a second striker , Luis Suarez to attack in the middle.

  2. Just look at that photo … How many team menbers and backroom staff shouldn’t be there in the first place ? I would start with replacing the man in the front row in the white shirt, our so called manager.

  3. isn’t that sick? standard chartered plastered all over the photo, nowhere is Liverpool Football Club to be read… how did we come to this??
    Yanks out.

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