Liverpool FC unveil official away shirt for 2010-11

Liverpool have unveiled the official away shirt for the upcoming 2010-11 season.

The new Liverpool away kit features a white shirt with red pinstripes.  The Liverpool crest is in all red with black adidas logo.

New Liverpool FC Away Shirt 2010-11

Pepe Reina will be wearing this purple goalkeeping shirt for our away matches.

The brand new away shirt is released on July 8th although many suppliers are already taking pre-orders. You can pre-order yours online here

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Liverpool FC unveil official away shirt for 2010-11

  1. Right we cant afford to boycott merchandise becuase ultimatley thios wil be whats funding top stars wages we need to get to the ground and actually cause some damage to the owners i mean real damage we need to get them to fuck off !!!!!!!!! YNWA for life

  2. Been a lifelong fan and am proud to say I own every kit since I was born (barring all keepers). I would just like to say how sad it is that I now have to break this run as I cannot fund hicks and gillett and have a clear conscious at the same time. So disappointing!!

  3. Please let us boycott all the club’s official merchandise.I hope the negative Liverpool’s fans will take a serious and responsible decision.If we can’t kill H&G ,let’s stop giving them our money at least!

  4. UGLY! The look just like the Chelsea shirt but with red instead of blue. Adidas need to come up with different looks for each team. Our shirt looks just the same as Chelsea and AC Milan. Pepe’s shirt is nice though, real fashionable.

  5. First impression: naah… not for me.. looks like something you would see on the back of a fat, hairy bus driver playing for Bow & Arrow Old Boys …

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