Martin Broughton: I was proud to be your Chairman

Tonight’s 3-0 win against West Ham United was Martin Broughton’s final game as Chairman of Liverpool Football Club after overseeing a turbulent transition of ownership from Tom Hicks & George Gillett to new owner John W Henry and NESV.

In a message to Liverpool fans in the match programme, he said:

This evening’s game is my last home fixture as Chairman of Liverpool Football Club.

It was always my stated intention to stand down once the sale was completed and I am happy that the club is now in good hands.

This has been one of the most memorable experiences of my working life and I would like to wish Liverpool and its supporters every success for the future.

The last seven months have been a pleasure and a privilege for me to serve this fantastic sporting institution.

Everybody associated with the club can now look forward to an exciting future with the right owners and the club on a secure financial footing.

I am proud to have been your Chairman during this turbulent time and would like to place on record my thanks to all of you, for the support you gave me, Christian Purslow, Ian Ayre and all the staff during this period.

Liverpool FC will always hold a special place in my heart as a result of the relationships I have forged over these past months.

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Martin Broughton: I was proud to be your Chairman

  1. Dear Martin, thank you so much for giving us a stellar manager in Roy Hodgson. Thanks for bombing out a manager that challenged Alex Ferguson and stood up for his players. Thanks for eroding the heart and soul of a club that did just fine without bean counters like yourself for 118 years. Hope you spend your commission more wisely than Hodgson spends his transfer budget

  2. lets see what the future holds, while he was clearly in it for getting hicks and that other mug out of this great club and while he did show us that he cared for lfc, we will only see over time if we have been passed to better more sensible progressive owners?.

    i like martin the way he comes across and i lkie purslow the way he speaks, but we will never ever know the deep down feeling of all the fall out that he has happened over the last 3 years, just lets get back to winning matches

  3. Thank you Martin for doing to Gillette and Hicks exactly what they did to us fans by kicking them below the belt!.It may have been an ugly period in our great history but to the previous owners i say “revenge is a dish best served cold!”.

  4. Thank you Martin for cleaning up the mess we had with unresponsible owners, I thank u for great job during difficult times and I wish you all the best in the future to come and regardless if you leave as Chairman I hope you remain ALL RED in your heart and we can see you at Anfield for many yrs to come.

    ” When You Walk Through a Storm Hold your Head up High ”

    thks and best regards from me and my family as LFC supporter in Sweden….

    / M

  5. I can honestly say that not once have i had a bad word to say about MB or CP because i knew their own reps were on the line, so without any hypocrisy whatsoever,THANKYOU MARTIN FOR A JOB VERY WELL DONE!!!

  6. It’s great not to think and read anymore about Gillett and Hicks and concentrate only in football. Only a month ago i was tired reading all those stories about selling Liverpool and The previous owners trying to destroy the deal and the club. But no more. It’s football again. What a wonderful feeling.

  7. Thanks heaps mate for using your skills to defeat the evil hicks & gillette empire. You have carved your name into LFC history, and I honestly believe that you role will be highlighted shortly when this club reaches the summit of world football soon with the new owners…..

  8. Sincere tanks Martin . Well played sir. As a highly politicised Irishman i’m prone to analysing thew whys and wherefores of all transactions, but you know what?? Don’t care. VERY relieved after your efforts. God bless u man

  9. Thank you Martin, for standing up to the Yank bullying tactics with dignity throughout. Your confident composure helped keep a lot of us sane & I personally took reassurance from your responses to the insane nonsense surrounding the court case. Best wishes moving forward. YNWA!

  10. Us Kopites salute you for out-manouvering the two American Muppets Staedler and Whaldorf and removing them from our great club… they fell for the good old-fashioned three card trick! I admit we originally had reservations about a Chelsea Fan ‘Agent Broughton of the Matthew Harding Stand’ but am glad we were all wrong. All the very best for the future…….. YNWA

  11. Martin, you will always be welcome at Anfield in my eyes, whether it be with the supporters of Chelsea, or the supporters of Liverpool. You served our club with distinction, and I am sure Liverpool fans will agree and we wish you the very best for the future and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for LFC.


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