Rafa Benitez leaves Liverpool FC

Following on from last night’s revelations it has now been confirmed that Liverpool FC and Rafa Benitez have parted company.

It appears Liverpool have not set a timescale on the appointment of a new manager.

The reds Chairman Martin Broughton only brought in to Anfield in the last couple of months said:

“Rafa will forever be part of Liverpool folklore after bringing home the Champions League following the epic final in Istanbul but after a disappointing season both parties felt a fresh start would be best for all concerned.”

Rafa Benitez himself said:

“It is very sad for me to announce that I will no longer be manager of Liverpool FC. I would like to thank all of the staff and players for their efforts.

“I’ll always keep in my heart the good times I’ve had here, the strong and loyal support of the fans in the tough times and the love from Liverpool. I have no words to thank you enough for all these years and I am very proud to say that I was your manager.

“Thank you so much once more and always remember: You’ll never walk alone.”

Rafa was in charge for 6 seasons, having been appointed in the summer of 2004.  He managed the reds in 350 games, winning 194, 77 drawn and 79 defeats.  In terms of results he has the second best managerial performance in the clubs history, second only to Kenny Dalglish.

Whilst at Liverpool he won the European Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup and a Charity Shield. Liverpool also took part in another European Cup Final, a League Cup Final and the World Club Cup final.  The season before last was Liverpool’s best ever Premier League performance.  However this last season has been a disappointment.

We would like to wish Rafael Benitez the very best for his future.  His dedication despite the on-going chaos behind the club and the constant media slurs over the past 3 years have been appreciated by the supporters.  We acknowledge the fact that the current European Champions are one of teams chasing his signature.

The search for the next clubs manager begins.

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Rafa Benitez leaves Liverpool FC

  1. Yes, we had one great nite in 05 but that hardly excuses what he has put us though since then. He along with the american t.ss.rs have brought the club to the verge of extinction & only a clearout at all mangt levels inc owners can stop us going the way of Leeds.
    Thanks for Istanbul but I for one am so glad u are gone- I fear it is three years & about £200 million pounds (wasted on rubbish players) too late

  2. It is a big mistake to get rid of Rafa.No big team with no money,this football now.The ugly owners wnat Rafa to do magic and wining titles with 2m$ to spend in transfer market.How it be??!!
    Am afraid Reds will moving back and this season.
    Good luck Rafa and God guide us to honest and good owners.

  3. the day rafa walks alone… will also be the time when reina, gerrard, torres, macherano and other worldclass players in lfc… this is the beginning of lfc downfall… sad to see my favourite club goes to a slump… YANKS LEAVE!!!!!

  4. Rafa was a good and popular manager. He won us the European Cup with a perfectly strong and inspirational team, but this is what I don’t get. Instead of adding to the team of then, he began selling the best of them and bringing in less experienced players from all over the world, who had no idea what LFC stands for and did not have the heart to be a true LFC player.

    He inherited a perfectly good team when he arrived; all he had to do was to make minor adjustment and tweaked them a little. This current team has lost its soul and purpose, gone are the days when Liverpool was most feared all over the world.

    The yanks should be kicked out ASAP; they are not good for the spirit of the most gracious club. Bring in who will have LFC @ heart.

  5. Yesterday was a dark day for our football club. In modern football terms, we’ve got no right to believe we should be perennial title challengers or even in the mix for the champions league. Those of you that think we should are living in cloud cuckoo land and need to wake up. Letting Rafa go was the biggest mistake this club has ever made. This decision has been based on one poor season. Rafa made us a force in Europe again and challengers in the league and he did this with a sell to buy policy. How many other top clubs do that? He is the best manager we’ve had since Kenny. Fact. No one can replace him in the current situation, nobody. He was the best man to take us forward until the club was sold. ONeill and Hodgson done nowt at top clubs

  6. Rafa you will never walk alone we thankyou for the time youwere here but as we all know this great cluib musty go on and I just hope that whoever comes next understands that the club always comes first. Except if your hicks or gillette then it comes last let’s hope we now get the sale and wave goodriddance to the yanks. Eventuially we will all walk togaether into anew era back were we belong at the top of the premoier and of europe

    • Certainly your views are incorrect!.Most of Rafa’s signings have been terrible which is why he’s been rightly sacked!.Obviously the board agree with me not you….

      His Istanbul fluke or miracle that he accomplshed with Houllier’s side expired like his time at Anfield.

  7. I am glad Rafa terminated his contract by mutual consent as he could have stayed for a 16 mil payout. He lost control of the players and his time ran out. He spent a lot of money on some good buys but spent more on very very bad buys, some like Keane (never given the chance) and many others. I wish him well where ever he goes and thank him for SOME memorable games.

    Instead of KIng Kenny looking for someone to be manager he should look into a mirror and ask himself.

    With Kenny back in charge we will see a great deal of BRITISH players back on the books and it will would be great to see the younsters coming through again making senior then International levels

    Come on Kenny you know you want the job, oh and get Rushie back as #2

  8. Well at least it was done with some dignity…………Rafa you can look back on your time here with fond memories, you did some great things for LFC.

    Hicks and Gillette, you obviously think that you can get away with what your doing to this club……..You poor deluded old retarded fools……..Money will be the undoing for the both of you Im sure of it. How you can expect to leave a club in ruins and walk away smiling like you did yourselves proud reaks of some srious mental issues.

    This club and city will deliver a knock out punch to you both. Its inevitable

  9. ALL THE BEST RAFA IN YOUR NEW JOB! Lots of great games enjoyed under your managment.

    Im worried about the retension of our top players,i wonder would they consider staying if King Kenny would become manager,or even offering the job to Steven Gerrard and for him to be player manager?

    • Don’t be silly!.Steven is too young and inexperienced to be player-manager!.Players who want to leave including Gerard and Torres should be released.Only those who love the club and want to stay have a future at Anfield in my opinion.

    • Don’t think Gerrards in the same bracket as KING KENNY yet mate and if he leaves he never will be. After last season he’s got allot of making up to do to Liverpool because he was a sulking mess last season, walking through games allot of the time . But iv said that id ether have Kenny or Gus Hiddink as my first choices !

  10. An overrated manager with no man management skills and constantly at odds with an opponent or even his own players.Signed a few brilliant players yet also wasted millions on injury prone ones as well as those simply not good enough to represent LFC.Released good ones like Crouch and forced Alonso out when trying to sign Barry…

    Rick Parry left because Rafa wanted more control so he has no excuses left to fall back upon.Yes the Yanks must leave ASAP still i wouldn’t trust Rafa with more cash to be wasted on the likes of Aquilani,Riera and Lucas,you get my drift??

    All the best to him and yes it could backfire but hey that’s life…and thats football!.He’d do well in Italy where they play his type of game but i want entertainment.

  11. I have supported the “mighty reds” since 1966. I remember the great Bill Shankly who built the club, and I think that Rafa, given time would have rebuilt the club. He had already started to overhaul the academy that hadn’t produced any lasting quality since Steven Gerrard. It was a sad day when those idiots bought our club on borrowed money. Now those idiots have got rid of a man who genuinely loved our club. He made some great signings. Torres, Alonso, Reina, Johnson, Mascherano. Yes he signed some poor players but don’t they all. I say this. Thank you Rafa, good luck for the future. I remember your Valencia team that showed us how to play football. I am gutted. It will get worse when Gerrard, Torres etc go and we still have the Yanks.

  12. Always remember the night you gave us ‘old big ears’ to keep Rafa and the magic of the FA Cup Final 06. We’ve beaten some great teams under your guidance with the likes of Madirid, Milan, Inter and even the mighty (if u can call i that) old trafford fell for FOUR the day the red army came to town.
    You gave me the best night of my life in Istanbul and for that you will always have my respect. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN THE FUTURE and am genuinely sad that that future wont be with Liverpool. You gave it your all and fell in love with the club and even if it wasn’t enough in the end it was a great ride non the less…. Y.N.W.A.

  13. This is a bloody mistake. What do the American idiots think they’re doing? Is part of a plan by a chelski supporter to undermine the club?

    Rafa, I’ve had some amazing times at Anfield while you were in charge. To me you will always be one of Liverpool’s greats. I pray you win the Champions League next season.
    All the best.

  14. Sorry to see you go Rafa, you are a true gentleman and you served Liverpool well, you will be fondly remembered by all us Liverpool fans, good wishes for your future.

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