Reds set to offload Riera

Albert Riera’s return to training yesterday after serving a suspension was short-lived as the player has been told his future lies away from Anfield.

Liverpool are believed to have accepted a £6M offer from CSKA Moscow and hope the deal is tied up by the end of the week.

Riera’s blast at Liverpool before last Thursday’s important European game was believed to be a pre-meditated attack designed to ensure a transfer deal was done, after effectively being frozen out following rumours that he had landed a smack on Dani Pacheco.

The sale of Riera will mean that the reds have made a £12M profit already from players since Christmas, as the Spaniard follows Dossena and Voronin out of the Anfield exit.

Liverpool’s number 11 has started 12 matches this season, with 4 appearances from the substitutes bench and is currently Liverpool’s 17th most used player in the campaign.

Speculation suggests that Riera’s move was to ensure he was part of the Spanish World Cup squad, although the events of the last week may have tainted the player’s reputation with the national squad.

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Reds set to offload Riera

  1. Iv said all along that people don’t see that Rafa has been dealing in a third/fourth rate market from the get go, missing out on top targets because the bored have always worked too slow to compete even with the likes of stoke loll. Really he’s overachieved if you look at the resources he’s had to work with ! and i really think given the likes of 60 mil to get both Villa/ Silva and more if avail then we would see a better raffia and better Liverpool.

  2. Trueliverbird, thank you, its about time we sell the rubbish, everybody tells me rafa has spent over and beyound, well can anybody tell me if you gave money to rafa when he wanted and at the right time to get the deals done before others.

    I ask you all the question, would he really be fishing for degen, voronin, ngog and insua and still having to go and get free transfers? on top of that, if you look at what he done he has built a spine that can match any spine in this country. reina would go for a huge profit so would torres, gerrard would still go for huge money, as would mascherano and as would agger and kuyt would be able to go to juventus for money to. any body wishes rafa to get it right with more better players, then back him

  3. My thoughts on Riera are mixed. Initially I thought we needed a left sided player of a better calibre however, his performances last season were very good. Adding balance and great width. Correct me if i’m worng but the only traditional winger LFC possess at the moment. Yossi, Dirk & Babel seem to be either strikers played as wingers or naturally inclined to play through the middle.

    His comments seem to have been tactical in securing a move away from the club. No player is bigger then LFC and outbursts like this warrant the subsequent punishment he has been given.

    I agree Samuel, if we manage to recoup some tranfer fees for these average players at the club and ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ by purchasing Mata or Silva.


  4. Look at the facts, it is clear that we are dumping assets at the present time, but even the yanks know they will not get away with stripping lfc of the most loved bankable ones the business” would then send out the wrong signals! However on reira i suggest people talk right, he never has had pace so i suggest coliff and sizar get a real check on your facts. Riera was ok when he first came in, he has netted some good goals too, however for someone that wants to suddenly jump out of his pram, just because he himself has been injuried and when he did play this year his attitude was poor at best. He is overrated and yes he offered balance but that its, we need more and Spain will want more in the world cup too, silva?

  5. sell him and get the cash and re i nvest in the summer.

    with voronin gone, dossena gone reira cash to add to this, and please someone do not tell me we can not even spend player sales money, if this is the case then if i was king rafa i would walk never mind stay and fight.

    At the very least we have to give all player sales to be spent….. add this to other small departures in the summer and we have a bit to spend.

    I would also sell plessies, degen, aurelio, darby, cavelerli and promote dave martin or the other keeper.

    with jan sales total about 8mill add reiras 6 mill thats 14 and with the above getting close to 4 million then thats 18 mill then sell 0one of babel or benayoun and buy david villa. bang just on one player

    • He had a bit of an impact last year I agree – scored a couple of goals but nosedived towards the end. Been dismal this year, rumours about his conduct off the pitch and then last week’s comments were the final straw.

      You can’t have players like that in the dressing room.

      • What about babble ? Maybe he didn’t go as far as Riera but he was just as guilty for openly criticising Raffa as Riera was !

        It strikes me as strange how everyone was so overjoyed at his arrival knowing fully well he had already failed at man city so what did we exactly expect from him all in all ? He was a natural winger yes but was rafts 4TH choice make no mistake and Torres/ Jhonson apart we’ve had to settle for that in all of our transfers thus far under Rafa ( hes had no choice !!!)

  6. great, now mr. RAFA is acting like a gang star, anyone talks anything about him he will immediately sell him. great signing $8 millions 2 years ago & now selling him with $6 millions without playing him more than 15 matches, Actually it’s great when we lose 2 millions + the salaries of the player to play him only 15 matches. GREAT MANAGER keep him & KEEP BLAMING the OWNERS

    • He’s actually made over 50 appearances, so I suggest you check your information.

      He’s also not good enough, that’s the risk you take with all signings. As for taking a £2M loss, not ideal but you don’t tend to get as much for a player when they don’t play well.

      It’s called economics. It’s like the way that we bought Alonso for £10M and sold him for £30M.

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