Agger fires warning

Daniel Agger, it is fair to say, has not hit it off with the present Liverpool manager.  Agger himself suggested at the start of the season that Hodgson did not want centre-backs who played their way out of trouble.

After being overlooked for the more senior games, Agger sustained an injury, and now with the injury to Carragher he may be in with a chance of playing a part in the reds defence.

But with rumours all season that he has been offered around various European clubs, Wolfsburg’s directors admitting as such, and Juventus also attempting to land the player, Agger has insisted that he will not stick around if he is not wanted.

“If I’m not playing in the Liverpool team on a regular basis then I am ready to move on.

“I have only just returned from three months out injured so I am in no position at the moment to say I must be in the side for every game.

“But once I have made a few appearances and regained full fitness, I would expect to be starting games. If I’m not playing, I can’t see a reason for staying.”

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Agger fires warning

  1. we cant afford to lose players like Agger, Torres, Reina etc if he dont get rid of hodgson now we WILL lose them and , Mr. John Henry you are losing our global reds supporters, …you must accept the consequences , like hodgson for being out of your depth too!

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