Agger: LFC – nowhere else I’d rather be

Daniel Agger, who has been a regular on the Anfield treatment table in recent years, has taken advantage of an injury to another reds defender – Jamie Carragher – and helped the reds to two shut-outs on the trot.

The 26 year old admitted he was enjoying his current spell of football while speaking to the Danish media:

“I have especially enjoyed being on the pitch this season and just take one match at a time.”

“I have noticed that I am more relaxed. I know where I am at the moment and that suits me perfectly.

“Football has always meant a lot to me but I enjoy it more today.”

Referring to his injury problems over the years he said:

“It’s going well right now. It’s not perfect, but it will probably never be that.

“My body might not have been built to play football.

“You have to learn to live with it and I have done that. It has been necessary at times.”

“There are no better options in the world than Liverpool. It is top in every area.”

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Agger: LFC – nowhere else I’d rather be

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