Aquilani loan deal to Milan expected

Alberto Aquilani is set for another season long loan move back to Italy after being deemed surplus to requirements.

Liverpool now seem likely to stick with Raul Meireles for another season, effectively meaning that Aquilani may struggle to get involved despite a promising pre-season from the Italian.

Franco Zavaglia, the talkative agent of the midfielder said:

“The involved parties are working on this case, and between Wednesday and Thursday, everything will be decided,”

The deal is believed to involve a potential buy out clause of £8M for the Italian side which will remain in place until the end of June 2012.  The reds are speculated to be ready to pay 25% of the players wages – or around £700,000.

Milan’s President (and Italy’s Prime Minister)  Silvio Berlusconi added yesterday:

“We are negotiating for Aquilani. I like him a lot, he’s an interesting player.

“I’ve spoken about this with Galliani and Allegri. We will see.”

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Aquilani loan deal to Milan expected

  1. There goes another Rafa failure then the man would argue that he was given no money!!. Interestingly since leaving us no one has wanted to hire Rafa’s services for good reason!

    Either we should give Aquilani a proper chance or outrightly sell him even for £10 million. I am rather tired of him being loaned out only to return a few months later then the whole cycle starts again.

  2. if they like him so much why dont they buy him. cos only rafa is stupid enough to pay for a guy who no one in italy is prepared to believe in. milan looking for a free player for tthe year just like juve did lastyear. better off giving him away to a seria b side.

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