FA charge Suarez over ‘alleged’ abuse

One month and one day after the 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Anfield, the FA have decided to charge Luis Suarez over alleged abuse directed at Patrice Evra.

Luis Suarez scores against Wolves

It is unclear what evidence the FA have over the matter.  Their statement read:

“The FA has charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on 15 October 2011.

“It is alleged that Suarez used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra contrary to FA rules.

“It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Patrice Evra. The FA will issue no further comment at this time.”

It is alleged that Suarez used a Spanish term, that in his native language is not used in a racist manner, and is used by some of Evra’s fellow team-mates.  The FA’s statement over ‘alleged’ abusive or insulting words is most intriguing.

Does this suggest that a player referring to a players weight, looks or more can now be deemed offensive? Are we set to see a rise in the number of players complaining about having ‘insulting words’ thrown their way by other players?

Either way – Liverpool have stood steadfast behind the player who will request a personal hearing and has categorically denied any racial abuse of the United defender.

This is the third time Evra has been involved in a race-related incident during his time in England, the previous two times were unfounded, although Evra was not the initial accuser in either case.

There is no date yet on the hearing.

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FA charge Suarez over ‘alleged’ abuse

  1. Suarez claim is that the terms he used aren’t offensive in Spanish but his problem is that after the Bulgaria game, the FA talked of pursuing a zero tolerance of racism.  In that context, it is pretty dumb using any racial terms during a game let alone one as charged as Liverpool Man Utd.  Talking about weight based insults is pointless, there has been no mention of zero policy of calling someone fat.

  2. He seemed to be hell bent on getting some one sent off.. he was asking for a card earlier on
    for a Liverpool player and was never out of the refs face ….

  3. The ‘insulting words’ were used against FA rules which, I would presume, do NOT include referrals to a player’s weight or looks. Re-read the FA statement and get a dictionary so that you’ll be able to understand the meaning of the charge.

    • Don’t be such a tool.  He wasn’t charged with ‘racial abuse’.  He was charged with using ‘insulting words’ and then as an addendum they added on he also referred to race/colour of the player.

      If the FA now have a charge of using insulting words, then by the very definition any term could be construed that way if a particular player believes he has been insulted.

      Everyone knows what was said.  If Evra was so incensed by it then why hadn’t he mentioned it to the referee on one of the numerous occasions he was in the refs face that game?

  4. J,kell is spot on. Your attempt to insinuate that Evra is crying wolf is pathetic, the F.A would not have charged Suarez if there wasn’t a case to answer. 

    Comparing alleged racism to “a players weight, looks or more can now be deemed offensive? Are we set to see a rise in the number of players complaining about having ‘insulting words’ thrown their way by other players?” Is frankly ridiculous and makes you seem like a card carrying member of the BNP.

  5. Check your facts evra has NEVER accused anybody of racially abusing him before,on both the other occasions its been a third party who has said they heard racist remarks,not evra.

    • But he was suspended and fined in the incident. He physically attacked a groundsman based on third party evidence. Also his testimony before the FA was determined to be “exaggerated and unreliable”. 

      • Again to you,check your facts,his altercation with the groundsman came before any third party played the racist comment card….it was to do with the groundsman trying to get evra off the playing surface….it was at a later date that the racist issue came into it!!

        • So you’re saying that he physically attacked the groundsman because the groundsman was trying to do his job? He was fined, he was suspended, his testimony was deemed “exaggerated and unreliable”. Then the ones involved decided to make up a racist issue to cover the fact that they physically attacked the grounds crew. Well obviously Evra is an upstanding citizen and should be held in highest regard. I suppose that he didn’t cause a mutiny as French captain during the World Cup either? And as we all know Evra doesn’t want to make a big deal over this Suarez thing because that’s what he said on french television and also that the cameras have all the evidence of what happened.

        • Basically yes….the groundsman wanted him to move,he didnt want to,they ended up trading blows…after this mike phelan played the race card(not evra at any time) It waa phelans testimony that was deemed “exaggerated and unreliable” not evras….try and get a few facts right will you??

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