Brendan Rodgers brings key allies to Liverpool FC

Brendan Rodgers will be unveiled by Liverpool Football Club tomorrow morning along with a number of fellow members of the Swansea backroom team.

Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool FC Manager

The deal was held up today as both clubs thrashed out compensation terms for Rodgers' assistant and other staff - as they leave the Liberty Stadium for Anfield.

The manager will sign in on a contract till the summer of 2015.

By bringing in a number of his own staff, Rodgers is already signalling to the Liverpool owners that the role of any potential Sporting Director will not extend to choosing his key appointments connected with the first team.

Rodgers is likely to retain the more senior role in player recruitment, however this is likely to expand to a more collegiate approach both in terms of targets and on transfer fees.

Colin Pascoe, assistant manager, Glen Driscoll, conditioning expert and Chris Davies who is responsible for computer match analysis are part of the team joining Anfield.  Steve Clarke's future is unclear - Kenny's former assistant tendered his resignation out of loyalty to Dalglish but it was rejected two weeks ago.  It was Clarke who initially recommended Brendan Rodgers to become part of the youth setup at Chelsea in 2004.

Liverpool FC will hold a press conference at 10am.

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Brendan Rodgers brings key allies to Liverpool FC

  1. Ha ha, looks like Jaimie must be on holiday as he hasn’t written anything for a few days now. I hope Rodgers does get the time he and we need. Who would you like to come to Anfield from the Swansea squad? I bet there will be a couple. Allen, Sinclair and Dyer would strengthen our squad IMO

  2. I hope he’s given the neccessary time required to build a team. I guess if the negative fans who lack football knowledge could be lock up till then! But then what would one do with the ones that write to distablise the Liverpool fc? (Jaimie) lol what I recommend will be inhuman

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