Brendan Rodgers LFC link rubbished by Swans chairman

A number of media outlets have intensified the speculation linking the vacant Liverpool job to Brendan Rodgers in recent days.

Brendan Rodgers

But Swansea chairmen insists that such talk is 'pure speculation' and reiterated the clubs announcement earlier that their manager had turned down an approach by Liverpool.

Huw Jenkins said:

"We would like to clarify the speculation in the press surrounding our manager Brendan Rodgers.

"We would like to confirm that there has been no contact from Liverpool and nothing has changed since our previous statement on the issue."

Rodgers has been in New York to watch the Welsh side lose 2-0 to Mexico.

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Brendan Rodgers LFC link rubbished by Swans chairman

  1. We must accept that we cannot attract the marquee names. Our history is exactly that. History.

    I’d rather have a big name manager but if we can’t get that then we need a young forward thinking boss that has modern ideas. Martinez and Rodgers are both of those.

    Some of the best managers past and present begun at lowly clubs, only becoming top managers / coaches after moving to a big club. Shanks, Rafa, Mourinho, Klopp all begun at lowlier clubs than those where they enjoyed their biggest succeses. Whoever gets the job I’ll support them.

  2. We need a top class coach like Van Gaala, Hiddink or Rijkaard. Seems we are being programmed to accept mediocrity that many fans are also accepting.

    I would have much preferre ford Kenny to continue iin place of Martinez or Rodgers.

  3. Great! Liverpool need a big name manager, no disrespect to Rodgers because he is a good manager but that’s just the fact.

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