Brendan Rodgers to be named new Liverpool FC manager

39 year old Brendan Rodgers, former Swansea boss, is set to be announced as the new LFC manager on a three year contract.

Brendan Rodgers

Despite an announcement from Swansea only yesterday that no approach from LFC had been forthcoming, it appears that the Swans were playing their cards closer to their chests than Wigan's Dave Whelan was.

It is two weeks since Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish and Fenway flew in to town yesterday to tie up the deal and arrange a compensation package with the Welsh club which is believed to be in the region of £4M.

Rodgers, who was born in Northern Ireland, has had managerial spells at Watford and Reading prior to Swansea, although he left Reading by mutual consent after a string of poor results.

Prior to his career in senior management he spent time at Chelsea as both youth team and reserve team boss

Swansea got through to the Premier League after winning the Championship play off last May.  He guided Swansea to 11th in his first year managing in the Premier League.

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Brendan Rodgers to be named new Liverpool FC manager

  1. Wow £7 m for Rodgers and backroom staff, £6 m for Dalglish compensation. Jelavic plus a new contract for Meireles would have cost less than that and we might have got into the CL too! Clueless FSG.

  2. Ali as I have posted back in March that Dalglish will not be manager for the 12/13 season no matter what he did with Liverpool.Yes I took dogs abuse for the very accurate post I made  back then which included the sale of Suarez.Standard Chartered are not behind the curtain when it comes to the Suarezgate affair,time will tell.

  3. Honestly speaking i would have preferred Van Gaal, Hiddink or Rijkaard as they would have had a better chance of attracting top players then a relatively unknown like Brendan Rodgers.

    Having said that he does seem to play a good brand of football so lets give him a chance before we call for his head. In every profession we climb the ladder of success, similarly we’re innocent of any crime until proven guilty.

    Unlike many fans i much prefer trying someone new then the return of Rafa Benitez which i am not keen on whatsoever. Every great journey begins with one step so Brendan has my full backing now that he’s been appointed as our next manager. Lets do it!

  4. great choice. the right man and a rare one – young, smart, ambitious, full of ideas, committed to quality football and a huge amount of respect and contacts across Europe. The problem for lfc over the past five or six years in particular has been they only have a one season horizon and were too desperate for instant fixes. FSG realize that horizon has to be longer. The challenge for any liverpool manager is you can’t fall too far behind when laying new foundations — but the stalwart players that have carried us through this time are finishing their careers and Rodgers is the man to rethink for the future. The Shankly comparison is well made – this is a man with some vision. One of the biggest tributes to him is that there are many prem clubs that will be quietly raging that he’s no longer available and I’m sure ManU for one already had him on a watchlist for potential fergie successor. I’m very optimistic — this could be something great.

  5. A
    very astute choice by John Henry. This guy has enough experience, plenty of
    time, and Swansea under his tutelage played an intelligent game. There was no
    way that we were going to attract a Pep or Jose, God forbid an underperforming
    Rodriguez, so let’s give the guy a chance. I think he is one of the best of the
    up and coming young Brit managers. Long live the King – Kenny, but I question
    his purchases Downing, Henderson and especially Carroll all young and full of
    potential but unable to deliver the goods, let Kenny down big time. Adam has been a disaster, good
    Blackpool player but just not a Premiership buy, jammy first season. Suarez is
    a gem despite the bother last season, and should now be the focus of any
    rebuilding effort. Stevie G and Carragher are coming to the end of their
    careers so it’s time for a rethink, this guy has got the intelligence to do
    this. Plenty of good young talent there, let’s see how good they are – a new
    era for LFC and one I think with the potential of great success, 2 or 3 new buys for the forthcomming season. As for
    slagging off FSG, interest in the club from multi-millionaire Russian oligarchs
    or Middle Eastern dictators were few and far between, I know who my conscience
    would prefer.

    • a poor decision to appoint a man with no experience of football at the top level ,another year of struggling to stay in the top ten instead of pushing with confidence to get into the top four ,how we can attract top players i just don`t know.
      Never mind we still love the Pool,cmon the Reds.

  6. FSG are not Liverpool supporters never have been or never will.They have seen what the Glazers have done to Utd [on a far bigger scale] and are going to copy the same principles.They will burden debt on Liverpool using Liverpool as calateral.When Liverpool can no longer sustain the debt it will be sold.This is why cups are of no importance to FSG they want where the money/exposure is Champions League this then makes Liverpool more attractive to banks to lend against debt.The Dalglish situation was settled months ago due to  the Suarezgate affair as it strangled their reputation along with Standard Chartered.Everything now hinges on top four for FSG to start using Liverpool as a leveraging company if this fails badly they will be gone or at very least a floatation .If anyone thinks they are going to put capitia into a new stadium you are so wrong as this would be seen as a long term strategy which is not what they are after.Rogers is a gamble but not a costly one and as I predict he will get the monies from the Suarez sale to spend on new players.only in a short time we will know if Suarez is to sold but if he is take everything I have posted as gospel,if he is not sold you can call me anything you like.

    • The whole Suarez issue was not handled at all well..but I cannot see LFC getting rid, he is a player who puts bums on seats.. as you rightly said,Kenny’s head rolled for that one (and more besides)
      LFC are still a massive brand name, and there is money to be made with the right investment, and this is what FSG are interested in, of course! …but I do see this as something “genuine” from them…profit based, but that profit hinging on the success of the club.

  7. Bill Shankly ws at Carlisle and Huddersfield before Liverpool he was reletively unknown at the time.
    If Roy Hodgson had the same season as Kenny then everybody would have been calling for his head.
    We are still struggling to get rid of some of Rafa’s signings.
    Bill Shankly was a God, Kenny was a God, Rafa was and is a great man, so why not Brenden Rodgers?
    Nowadays too many Red’s are moaning the same way the “Bitter Blue’s” and it’s time we took stock of ourselves and rose above all this “social media shield” and get to gether as we always have done and support our club, our manager and our owners 100%.
    No comment from Liverpool since this started, which is what we wanted when Hicks and Gillette were with us as too much was said in the press etc…
    FSG have a plan, they are proven winners so let us all embrace the faith and drag our club back to where we belong.

    • When Bill Shankly was in charge he did not have to contend with Billionaire owners. I think we are in serious trouble. Chelsea have just bought Marin, Hazzard, Hulk & Lucas is on his way too. We have probably ended up with the wrong owners again. No new stadium, no decent players and Buck Rogers – so no chance of a top four until the 25th Century. To all those who say, “He needs time”, be carefull what you wish for, it could indeed be a very, very long time. I’m very depressed.

  8. Well done to Brendan Rodgers for securing the managers job. I will be fully behind him as I am behind all of our managers.

    I really do have to laugh though. There are so many ‘fans’ on here that called for Rafa’s head screaming for an ‘upgrade’ and we got Hodgson. Those silly people didn’t learn though because then they called for Kenny’s head screaming for Van Gaal, Guardiola and Hiddink and got Rodgers.

    I hope Rodgers does well and I hope he gets enough time to implement his ideas, but sometimes it’s best to sit tight when the going gets rough rather than attack the boss and call for him to be sacked.

    Here’s a question for you all. Will it be a tall order for Rodgers to reach 2 domestic cup finals and win 1 of them and get to at least 8th in the league? Hmmm. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • you lot cant buy anyone as you are poor and you lot are not a major club like us liverpoolians we have won 18 titles and how much have you lot won not as much as we have a record breaking 5 champions cups whereas you crap club have none so shut your big mouth. we spent 120m we you lot dream of having we are more richer then you poor guys. he may be cheap but he is an exceptional manager and he got lot of praises from Jose Mourinho who the best manager in the world and he also got praise from tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknepp so please dont open your mouth as you dont know nothing we dominate the merseyside like united dominating the whole of manchester.

        • You spent £120milion to finish lower than us in the league! You’ve won the Premiership as often as us – that is NEVER!! And you NEVER will. Rogers calls Barcelona to speak to the President – response “Brendan WHO – never heard of you – bye. ”
          If you think that all adds up to you being a major club – keep dreaming.
          Don’t tell me….you’ll win the League this year!!!!!! When will you red noses finally wake up? You are as crap as us but we dont think we are that special – you do – and you are definitely not. You lose as many as you win…..e.g. Wigan at home etc…..
          Get real- this appointment tells us everything – you are an also ran club who will be really pleased to finish top half this season. Major Club”…..? LOL!!!!!

        • What was the result at Wembley everton boy,another trophy to Liverpool and nothing for Everton,but then again thats just a normal blue season.Ha ha ha wake up and smell the roses

      • If there was no money at Anfield we wouldn’t be paying between £3-£5 million compensation to Swansea for our new manager when we can avoid that by getting Rafa back.

        Think before you talk rubbish!

        • There wasn’t any money to give Meireles the pay rise he was promised and deserved. There wasn’t any money to buy Jelavic in January when we desperately needed him. There hasn’t been any money for the building of a new stadium or redevelopment of Anfield. There hasn’t been any money to keep big wage earners like Aquilani and Joe Cole at the club. Perhaps the guy’s on to something.

    • To answer your question of  “will it be a tall order…..” i guess it depends how much Brendan gets to spend in the summer followed by how his signings perform.

      Kenny won a cup and reached another final so respect to him for that but new our signings on whom he invested so heavily failed to impress. We were regularly humiliated by much lesser teams who spent nothing so rightfully Kenny was given his marching orders.

      Another thing is that Kenny had been uninvolved in football for such a long period that he seemed rusty and out of touch with today’s game, his rude behaviour didn’t help much either. I am not expecting Brendan to perorm miracles in his first season but we should be able to defeat relegation threatened sides at home with ease.

      • ‘We were regularly humiliated by much lesser teams who spent nothing” Funny that because I can’t really remember us being “humiliated” against anybody. Perhaps only Spurs away but then we were down to 9 men so that can be expected.

        You’re right about Kenny being stuck in the past though. We’d waited 5 years to play at the new Wembley – Kenny took us there 3 times in the same year. Yes it did feel like the past…..

        I’ll give you until October before you begin slagging Rodgers off when one or two results don’t go our way.

        If we’re out of all domestic cup competitions by February and can’t qualify for the CL, you’ll be wishing you had a Carling Cup Final to go to. But then you probably don’t go to games because if you did you wouldn’t be spouting so much bile towards the man in charge. It’s only the ‘internet’ fans that wanted first Rafa and then Kenny out to be replaced by ‘Joe Champ Manager’ Well you got your wish so lets see how it pans out.

        • To me being defeated by second rate teams who spend hardly anything is humiliation and will continue tio be so. Kenny’s style of play was backdated so he had to go but i will give Brendan a few years before passing judgement.

          Fans spend money on tickets and merchandise so are fully entitled to critisise tactics of negative managers like Benitez. Carling cup is certainly better then nothing but more importantly i am seeking a team that plays good attacking football.

          I certainly do attend many games that is rather irrelevent to the subject but i guess you’re upset that your darling Dalglish was sacked.

        • What has the Carling Cup really got us though.. not much at all. The key was to get champs league football so that we can attract the big name players. Which we were not even close to finishing in the champs league spots. We were MUCH nearer the relegated teams than to the top 4. And 40 points off the winners, that’s like half a bloody season worth of points. Now we must watch all the other clubs go in for Hazard, Cavani, Hulk, Lavezzi etc etc because we have no champs league. Oh, but we have the Carling Cup  Yeah.

          Brendan Rodgers is a very exciting appointment, his philosophy is amongst the new breed of managers. Swansea were the 6th most effective passing team in Europe last season. Yes, EUROPE. With garbage players. It’s an attacking style, which is good for us. Rafa was a defensive tactician. 

        • Let’s deal in some facts first. Rafa a defensive tactician? He amassed Liverpool’s greatest ever points totals in the premier league era. 83 pts in 2005-06 and 86 pts in 2008-09. Not quite enough to win the title post Abramovich but more than enough pre Abramovich and the closest we’ve come to actually winning the league since last doing so in 1989-90. Last time I checked you need to win quite a lot of games to gain those kind of pts totals. The 4-1 rout of Man U, the 8-0 rout of Besiktas (largest ever CL win) the 5-0 agg win over Real (their heaviest euro defeat ever). Add to this that Liverpool were the top scorers in all 4 professional divisions in 08-09 and the number 1 ranked team in Europe hardly tells the story of a ‘defensive’ manager. I’ll let you keep your opinion, I prefer to deal in facts. We’re obsessed with being in the CL. You even say ‘the key was to get champs league football’. In which case, why did we sack a manager that had an impeccable record of qualifying for it? Of all the recent candidates for the job, did any have a better record? No. Even some of the senior players have been quoted in the press as saying Benitez would be the best candidate.

          The average amount of pts required to achieve a CL place in 4th spot is 68. This is equal to 1.8 pts per game. Brendan Rodgers has never achieved this in top flight football. He’s also never been with a club as big as Liverpool. Furthermore, Liverpool as a club have only achieved this points haul in 10 of the 20 premier league seasons that have been played. So was it really that realistic to expect Kenny to get us back in the CL after only 1 season? Is it realistic to believe that Brendan Rodgers will get us back their next season? If you say it might take time, then why should Rodgers get longer than Hodgson or Dalglish to get us into the CL? I hope Rodgers does get us into the CL next season, but realistically 3 of the 4 places up for grabs will likely be sown up by City, Utd and Chelsea. That leaves us to scrap it out with Arsenal, Spurs and now Newcastle for that 1 spot. Let’s say we vastly improve our league form next season but miss out narrowly on a CL spot which is very likely. Don’t you think a win in one of the cups would improve the season? If we can’t get into the CL then I’d rather see us winning things that not even competing for them.

          As for the CL well here’s a few pearls. The CL does not provide the shot in the arm that many fans believe it does. If it did Arsenal should be competing with Barcelona as the best club team in the world. Why? Well in 03-04 they won the league without losing a game and have qualified for the CL every year for about 11 years. However, since the ‘invincibles’ of 03-04 Arsenal haven’t got near a title, have got progressively worse as a team and have almost been overtaken by Spurs, a team that haven’t been in the CL all that much. Spurs are another story. One CL qualification a couple of seasons ago and now nothing? If the CL provides top players why haven’t top players been falling over themselves to join Spurs or Arsenal?. Top players today join clubs that pay the most wages. City built a title winning team without any CL football. FSG couldn’t even give Meireles a pay rise so I think we’re being a bit optimistic thinking Rodgers is going to turn us into a CL team overnight.

  9. Ha HA Ha next joke. OH its true Rogers is the new manager found on a bargain rail in some shifty side street .Seen as good for a mid to lower ranked team.

    • Give the lad a chance. If you finish higher than 8th then that’s improvement, your also in the Europa so he has plenty to play for, OK, he’s not Pep, Raffa, De Boer, AVB or whatever but he is canny with what little money is available and that lanky carrol will come in handy for the long ball.

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