Liverpool go back to original plans for a new Anfield

According to several reports today, Liverpool are set to progress along the route of building a new 60,000 seater stadium in Stanley Park, based on the original plans from 2003.

The plans were drawn up by architects AFL based in Manchester who have been behind several major stadium designs in recent years.

When Tom Hicks and George Gillett arrived they asked for new designs, an updated version from AFL seating potentially 75,000 and another from Dallas based architects HKS – which was a futuristic space ship looking stadium.

The new owners have continued to struggle to find ways of redeveloping the current ground, and by sticking to the original plans they believe they can begin work much sooner.

The original plans will undergo some modifications in an updated design.

New Anfield - original design AFL

New Anfield - Internal View

The architects have updated their website to declare the project ‘In progress’.  The stadium is expected to cost in the region of £300M, although the club hope to secure half of this from a 10 year stadium naming rights deal.

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Liverpool go back to original plans for a new Anfield

  1. Wonder if we could get a large corporate entity ( manufacturer or whatever) to use the ANFIELD name for a new product or range of ‘stuff’. Then there’ll be no problem having the “ANFIELD STADIUM. Nothing lost, loads gained.

  2. When will you guys take the picture of that low talent, low grade, overpaid donkey off the banner of your website.  He will be gone in the summer anyway.  Put up a picture of someone who has earned the right to be there – Pepe, Stevie, Jamie, Martin, Lucas – I don’t care.

  3. Where is the KOP?! could make a real architectural statement and make the KOP a feature and like no other ground! Carry on the mentatlity from THIS IS ANFIELD please!

  4. LFC should make a share issue so that our global supporters can fund the new stadium and KEEP the name ..the LIVERPOOL way and not sell our stadium name for money!

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