Liverpool’s owners get permission to speak to Martinez

Liverpool have asked permission from Wigan Athletic to speak to Roberto Martinez.

Roberto Martinez

The 38 year old Spaniard won the Premier League Manager of the Month award in April, and guided Wigan to 3 places above the relegation zone.

Dave Whelan, Sportswear supremo and Wigan chairman said:

"I have always said when a big club comes, I will give permission and they don't come any bigger than Liverpool.

"He has been a fantastic, superb manager. He will be a difficult act to follow."

"I don't know Roberto's feelings about Liverpool. He will be going with an open mind. I'd love to keep Roberto.

"Unfortunately in this day and age of football there are two or three clubs without managers and Roberto is on the list of every one of them.

"When Liverpool sacked Kenny I did think they would be knocking on the door. If Liverpool are serious then I may lose him."

What do you think about Roberto Martinez being a possible replacement for Dalglish?

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Liverpool’s owners get permission to speak to Martinez

  1. I believe Frank Rijkaard should be our next manager our Guus Hiddink if he’s available. Kevin Keegan also seems an interesting option as he plays attacking Football.

    • ‘Kevin Keegan also seems an interesting option as he plays attacking Football’ Remind me how many trophies he has won?

      Did well with England too when he admitted that he was hugely out of his depth. Honestly, the clueless nature of some of our so called ‘fans’ is embarrasing

      • The only fool around here are the likes of you!. We’ve got to be realistic enough to accept that the creme de le creme of world Football wouldn’t want to manage us at this moment in time. You’re ignorant if you think that a Jose Mourinho will be dieing to takeoevr the helms as much as i would love to see him in the hotseat.

        What has Martinez won that we’re interviewing someone like him??. Point is that even the owners know that currently we’re only able to attract a certain standard of manager from which Keegan is one.

        • Jose Mourinho? don’t think I’ve ever suggested he should ever be our next manager. It takes 68 pts to qualify for the CL in 4th place, an average of 1.8 pts per game. In the 20 seasons of the premier league Liverpool have only managed this pts per game tally 10 times. Therefore we have no right or reason to expect top 4 finishes every season. Four of our ten 1.8 pts per game seasons were achieved by one man. That same man qualified for the CL 5 times out of 6. You know his name becuase you slagged him off with every post you made on this forum. Therefore if we’re so hung up about qualifying for the CL, why on earth did we get rid of a manager that had an awesome record of doing it? I like to deal in facts and realities. The reality is that back in 2004 we were lucky to get Rafael Benitez. We were a poorly run club with no money. He made us believe we had a seat back at the top table, which clearly we don’t. It is a fact that the years between 2004 and 2009 were the best we’ve had since the heady days of the late 80’s.

          Kevin Keegan’s claim to fame was blowing a 12 pt lead over Man Utd in the PL 16 years ago. This during an era when the PL was nowhere near as strong as it is today.

  2. This is some newspaper speculation. Martinez is not yet ready to handle a big EPL club, the same goes for AVB, Brendan Rodgers, in my opinion Rafa, Capello would but pity Ancelotti has joined PSG.  The search for a manager has to be comprehensive, get interested parties interviewes with your preferred candidate for credibility

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