Former red admits he was wrong to move to LFC

Former Liverpool player Joe Cole, who moved to West Ham in January, has admitted his LFC move was a mistake.

Joe Cole is still being paid a large part of his Liverpool contract by the club, but has spoken to the Chelsea Fanzine cfuk over his free transfer to LFC (with a £5M signing on fee) in 2010.

The deal was widely rumoured to have been brokered by former Managing Director Christian Purslow, as the club was without a manager while major negotiations were taking place.

Cole was unwanted by Chelsea at the time, and insists LFC was the only option.

"I can only play for teams that I'm passionate about and I think that's what went wrong for me at Liverpool.

"I didn't feel a connection with the club or the place that I had at Chelsea and West Ham.

"I had seven great years at Chelsea but the club wanted to go in a certain direction and I wasn't involved. So I was left with two real options - Liverpool or Spurs.

"Spurs was probably the best option because they were offering me a five-year deal and it meant I could stay in familiar surroundings.

"But I just couldn't do it, I just couldn't see myself pulling that Spurs shirt over my head. With the rivalry between Spurs and West Ham and Chelsea, it felt a bit mercenary."

Perish the thought of being a mercenary Joe. Please, continue:

"When I joined, the guy interviewing me said 'you've joined the biggest club in the country' and reeled off the trophies they'd won,

"I just said 'yeah, if you put it like that, I suppose you're right' and Liverpool used that as the headline to the interview.

"I didn't want to upset anyone so I just went along with it. But obviously they're not the biggest club in the country any more. How do you judge how big a club are? Nottingham Forest won the European Cup twice but they're not a bigger club than Chelsea."

The morale of the story? Don't let Managing Directors pick footballers and never believe everything you here in these 'new signing' interviews.

Oh, and one last thing.  Joe - it was YOU who said Liverpool were the biggest club in the country. Remember? 

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Former red admits he was wrong to move to LFC

  1. Not a very intelligent person is he? I hope he was just joking with that statement.
    Footballers are always tagged as stupid. But Cole must take the chunk of the cake.
    Could he retire with a 4th place in standings? Highly Illogical

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