Gerrard on Suarez: Luis wants to achieve and is hungry for LFC success

Steven Gerrard has enjoyed welcoming Luis Suarez back in to the first team, and admitted he thought he wouldn't play with him again.

Gerrard trains ahead of his testimonial

Gerrard: Nobody tried harder than me to make him stay

The club captain was asked if he had thought about whether Suarez had played his last game, responding with "Every day in the summer."

"When you have a player as good as Luis Suarez, you know that the big clubs are going to want him.

Gerrard pointed to his own efforts to make Luis stay.

"Nobody tried harder than me to make him stay and he knows exactly what I think of him.

"I knew if we could keep him here, the better our chances would be.

"He is a special type of footballer and he gives us something different.

"When the club got the message to him that they were not going to sell him, he got his head down and has worked hard. He has never given us a moment's problem.

"I think it is a credit to Luis for the way he has come back. A lot of players who have been in his position might have come back and spat the dummy out, not trying for the team. But he is not that type of guy.

"He realised that the club wanted to keep him and he has respected their decision. He is here now and he wants to stay. He wants to achieve something this season and he looks as hungry as he has ever done."

Luis Suarez' was instrumental in Liverpool's weekend victory over Sunderland, grabbing a goal in both halves to help Liverpool back up into 2nd place in the Premier League.

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Gerrard on Suarez: Luis wants to achieve and is hungry for LFC success

  1. I’m not sure how instrumental Gerrard was at keeping him at the club – probably more to do with the owners refusal to sell.

    However, there is no question that there is more mutual respect between the two than there was between Gerrard and Torres.

    I still expect Luis to leave Liverpool either in January or next summer, but it is crucial that while we still have him we push the club into the top four – putting us in a position to be able to attract a world class replacement.

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