Gerrard warns Suarez that Arsenal are not a step up

Steven Gerrard, speaking ahead of his testimonial, is trying to convince Luis Suarez to stay at Liverpool.

Gerrard - makes it three

And Liverpool's opponents at the weekend, Olympiacos, serve as a timely reminder of how magical European nights at Anfield can be.

Gerrard said:

“If Luis experiences Champions League football here he’ll love it. They’ll be some of the best nights in his career. To play Champions League football in front of our fans is special. It’s an awful lot bigger than doing it at other clubs.

"I don’t think Arsenal is a step up. Us, Arsenal and Tottenham are fighting for one of the Champions League places. In an ideal scenario we keep Suárez, make one or two more signings and Tottenham lose Bale.

"I don’t want to disrespect Arsenal. They’re a wonderful club with a manager who I’ve an awful amount of respect for and they have talented players throughout the team. But so have we. We’ve got just as good a chance of achieving things as Arsenal have.’’

And Gerrard also insisted he was hoping the reds would go out and spend in the remainder of the  transfer window.

“We need that one exciting marquee signing who can play in one of the attacking positions. That’s why we are talking along the lines of keeping Luis because if the club lose Luis we take a step backwards. He’s the best footballer I’ve ever played with.

Liverpool take on Olympiacos at Anfield on Saturday - kick off at 12:45pm.

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Gerrard warns Suarez that Arsenal are not a step up

  1. Luis suarez he is a traitor how could he think about going to arsenal our rivals so now its not about the media again now its champions league.That guy is an animal that has no consience despite the treatment we have given him during his difficults time we pampared that animal to a fault that’s why feeling high.What does he gain him distracting the clubs focus on starting the new season and getting to top four,he is playing us phycological,For he shuld be forced stay,if he not given us his best performance then he will resigned to warm the bench until he loses form.An eye for an eye.

  2. I agree selling him would be like admitting we don’t have ambition and the sale of him could hinder other players coming to anfield but at the same time look at the whole Torres debacle! No player is bigger than the club and if he disrespects the club by wanting to leave for a [bigger club] as the English press don’t like him, I wonder why? Then we shouldn’t keep him against his will! Goodby ungrate!!
    Stevie g 630 today me and son over from belfast he is a true leg end 96 ynwa

  3. As an Arsenal fan I have respect for what Gerrard is saying. Liverpool should be competing with the likes of Arsenal, bottenham and Chelsea as they are a club with ambition. Selling their star striker to a rival would be like officially admitting that the club do not aim for champions league football, and that Liverpool cannot compete with the likes of Arsenal and Spurs. Arsenal fans should know. We sold RVP and with that said to the world that City and United are in another league, let the big boys fight for the title.

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