LFC match ticket prices to go through the £50 barrier

Liverpool FC have announced ticket price increases for the 2013-14 season taking some tickets up to £52.

Anfield will be split into 6 ticket pricing categories for 2013-14

Anfield will be split into 6 ticket pricing categories for 2013-14

The new TV deal comes into play next year which should see Liverpool Football Club earn at least an extra £30M per season.  However, the club today announced changes to a ticketing strategy which will see the most expensive seats at Anfield break through the £50 barrier for the first time.

The majority of the Centenary Stand and half of the Main Stand and Paddock will see the maximum ticket price increase from £48 to £52 per game (an over 8% increase).  The remaining areas of those stands will see the maximum price increase by 4% (from £48 to £50).

Most areas of the Kop will remain at the same price, with 5 of the 18 blocks seeing a slight £1 reduction (2.5%).

The Anfield Road end is a mixed bag.  5 of the 17 blocks at the sides will see a £1 reduction for Category A and C games, whilst for the other 12 blocks they will see a £1 increase for Category B games.

Liverpool have highlighted that they will be introducing a £5 junior ticket for selected games, but they haven't said how many tickets and for how many games this will be available.

Ian Ayre Liverpool's managing director did not mention the 8% increase to ticket prices across the Main Stand and Centenary Stands - opting to say:

"Following last year's price freeze, this year we have reviewed our overall stadium pricing structure and, similar to many other Premier League clubs, from next season we will also be introducing a multiple-tier pricing structure which will more accurately reflect seat location and view.

The Spirit of Shankly fans group and Liverpool fans have displayed banners in recent months highlighting the high price of tickets at some stadiums.

New Adult Ticket Prices LFC 2013-14 (Tiers 1-6)

Category A (£52 - £50 - £48 - £47 - £45 - £44)

Category B (£49 -  £47 - £45 - £44 - £42 - £41)

Category C (£46 - £44 - £42 - £41 - £39 - £38)

A few weeks back a Liverpool fan highlighted that the extra TV money would be the equivalent of LFC reducing every single ticket by at least half so an increase in overall ticket prices has taken us by surprise.

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LFC match ticket prices to go through the £50 barrier

  1. I honestly thought with all the extra TV money they would have at least kept prices the same or even a minor reduction across the board.

    When they’re getting an extra £30M you would have thought they wouldn’t have bothered increasing prices for some fans just for an extra £1M or so per season.

    Madness from LFC’s PR department yet again.

    • Rafa’s, Hodgson’s and Dalglish’s pay off plus no chmapion’s league soccer for last three seasons and the next one has taken its toll on Liverpool FC. The £30 million earned from this price increase will certainly help the club in the short term as the team is being rebuilt. Fans must see it from that point of view.

      • The £30M is coming from extra TV money. So why rip the fans off for an extra £1M?

        I take it you are a TV supporter with that attitude?

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