Liverpool bank £55M from Premier League

Liverpool were handed £55M from the Premier League in TV and awards for 2012-13.

The reds earned around £5M less than Champions Manchester United, but £3M more than Everton who finished a place higher in the league.

All clubs receive £13.8M as an equal share of the domesticTV money, and £18.9M from overseas money.

The rest of the domestic TV money is split into fees based on the number of times the clubs feature in televised live games and the final league position.

The reds earned £11.5M from their TV coverage - joint second with Arsenal behind Man United on £12.5M.  Chelsea were £3M behind on this, with Everton £4M behind.

Liverpool also picked up £10.5M for finishing 7th.  Payments are made on a sliding scale of approx £800,000 per place in the league.

However, next season a new TV deal kicks in, with a massive increase in payments from TV broadcaster.  It is expected that TV revenue for 2013-14 could reach as high as £90M for Liverpool.

Former Premier League clubs who have been relegated in recent seasons also receive parachute payments for 3 years.

Premier League TV Revenue - 2012-13

Premier League TV Revenue - 2012-13

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Liverpool bank £55M from Premier League

  1. please if the said money is truly given to Lfc then the Americans should give this 55million to BR for him to sign in quality players that will help us achieve top 4 finish next season2013/2014,and selling a player before signing in another player.

    • Unfortunately much of this income is used to pay for the club’s operations which doesn’t have the match day revenues from Anfield as some of the other clubs do from their stadiums. Keep in mind the club lost over 40 million pounds in the last earnings report.

      • yes all those managerial pay-offs didn’t help the cause. Kenny £8M, Roy £7.5M, Rafa £6M. not to mention the compensation shelled out to other clubs to bring them hear in the first place. e.g. £3M to Fulham for Roy, £4M to Swansea for Brendon! no wonder the club put up tickets by £4 to £52 a game for next season! the fan ends up paying for the mess in the end.

  2. So if where getting £55 million pounds,why are the yanks making us sell before we buy ( OH SORRY CLOWN FOOLGLISH WAISTED MILLIONS ON Carroll downing Henderson & Adam ) CLASS…

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