Liverpool FC kits for 2013-14 revealed online

Several images appeared yesterday on the internet proclaiming to be next season's LFC shirts.

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Liverpool have abandoned the old policy of only replacing the home shirt every two years and as such a new Liverpool home kit for 2013-14 will also be produced alongside an away and third kit.

These are the images of next season's kits.

Liverpool Shirts 2013-14


Liverpool Home Shirt 2013-14


Liverpool Away Third Shirt 2013-14


New Liverpool Shirts 2013-14

We'd love to know your opinions.

Our opinion?

The home shirt's okay. 😉

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38 comments on
Liverpool FC kits for 2013-14 revealed online

  1. 2nd and 3rd absolutely terrible, really bad. The home is nice but could be better. Why cant they bring out the traditional yellow or white or even grey like the 80s as 2nd and 3rd kits.

  2. Don’t like these Warrior tops…so cheap and tacky…haven’t bought a single Warrior shirt and won’t. I treasure my Adidas top!!!

  3. I’m not to fond of wearing colours out and about,so I usually buy my shirts to potter round the house in. I could still do that with the red shirt but I wouldn’t even were the other two for a bet. Gonna lose a fist full of commercial dough for those shocking designs. The commercial manager needs to be asked questions about allowing these terrible 2nd and 3rd shirts to be sold.

  4. complete over reaction by everyone because you are used to a one colour shirt for all occasions. this is the future deal with it tho saying that the 3rd one will look better at aintree come national day

  5. Home kit is passable but the white kit looks like a jumper I wore in the late 70’s!!!
    Away kit….lost for words.
    I feared for the kits Warrior would produce, but given this first year I was optimistic …my fear has returned.
    ‘We come not to play…but be laughed at!’

  6. No no no! Home shirt fine, other two a joke surely. I am already on my heels explaining why LFC is still the greatest club in the world. The shirts will not help 🙁

  7. Plain ridiculous!!! The red is ok, which by far poor for Liverpool standards.. I can see our away n 3rd kit being placed 1st n 2nd int the worst ever jerseys made over the decade. Let this be a false rumour, hence ample time for change…

  8. Guess we will only purchase the home jersey and my beloved LFC will lose millions in non sales of both the away and alternate jerseys. Yes, ”THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!” 🙁

  9. home shirt is ok, but 2nd and 3rd look like they were designed by chimps in the dark, or look like something you wore while painting the shed, Just buy the home one because we are THE REDS.

  10. Home shirt is ok, the white one looks like a truck ran over it and the third one is hopefully our away jersey and not the second one…Warrior are sticking to the classic look with the home shirt which is nice.

  11. If real, I cant believe that LFC would produce such a ridiculous 2nd and 3rd top again.
    They did it last year, and sales were not good.
    Once again home top is cool

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