Post Match Reaction: Liverpool 1-0 Stoke

Liverpool's players and the manager have been giving their reaction to Liverpool's winning start to the season.

Debutant goalkeeper Simon Mignolet saved a penalty in the 88th minute to ensure Liverpool kept hold of all three points and he was still on a high shortly following the final whistle.

"You dream of those kinds of things and when it actually comes around, you're very pleased afterwards.

"You can't really judge if it's going to end up like that on your debut. It can only be good for my confidence; the next game is going to be a lot easier than it was today.

"We just have to keep our feet on the ground and be focused. Next week there's a tough game again against Aston Villa.

"The most important thing is that we got three points today; I think we deserved that with the game we played and the chances we created.

"Unfortunately, we didn't manage to score the second goal. That's the most important thing - a win, a clean sheet and move onto the next game."

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers was pleased with LFC's start to the season, giving special credit to Mignolet.

"He made three terrific saves in the game. He had one in the first half when Jonathan Walters had a great turn and shot and Simon stretched and got a strong arm to the corner on the left side.

"Obviously when you don't take your chances - and we created numerous chances and didn't do that - and then get a penalty against you at the end, there's sometimes that sinking feeling.

"But he'd done his homework and knows exactly where all the penalty takers are going. It was a good first save and then obviously the reaction to get up and make the second save was impressive.

"I think from that, you also saw the spirit in the team, what we're trying to cultivate here as well and the energy and attitude of the players.

"It was terrific performance all round - but of course, the goalkeeper gets the plaudits when he saves a penalty right at the end."

Meanwhile, some players took to social networks to give their verdicts on the opening game:

Whilst Daniel Agger expressed relief that his handball didn't end up costing Liverpool late on

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Post Match Reaction: Liverpool 1-0 Stoke

  1. It’s not LFC fault because of the opponent goal keeper are in his almost perfect performance. One shot on target from Henderson and Gerrard very good free kick.

  2. It was generally a good performance by most players and a lucky win in the end instead of a draw. If the players were sharper, could have won comfortably. Stevie G and Henderson were poor together with Johnson and Enrique. For Stevie, he has to decide if he wants to extend his career, because after the England game Stevie was mostly a passenger in the team. In future Brendan has to decide to rest him or play him half a game. As for the headless chicken Henderson, he was played out of position and was useless in the first half. Play players in their natural positions and the rewards are greater. Either one of the wingers Raheem or Ibe should have started. With a bit more pace, Liverpool would have torn the team from the land of Giants to shreds. They have big defenders who are slow and especially Ibeon the right instead of Henderson, would have given them a torid time. Everyone can see that Henderson was in the team to compensate Stevie’s lack of running. If Stevie is not fit, then do not play him, simple. Aspas had a decent game and also created chances for his team mates but got taken out instead of Henderson. Theis can be demoralizing for players. Same mistakes made by Rafa and Dalglish in the past. It was Stevie who’s should be taken out if you want to keep Henderson. To compensate for lack of height, when the game was running away Alberto and Martin Kelly could have brought in to support the left back and right back and also help defend free kicks and corners better. Aspas replaced by Alberto and Stevie replaced by Kelly. Kelly moves to right back, Johnson move to right wingback position and Alberto to prote

    • Yeah it was sweet music to see Arse Wenger’s team get stuffed. Did he say they are good enough to win the league? At the same it it would give him a stronger case to tell their board to go after Suarez at all cost in the days remaining to the window closing. Still worrying days for Liverpool and their fans. The club must stand firm even if a £55 million bid is made. Wouldn’t trust Suarez for a minute as he keeps changing his words by the minute. What a turn around, a smiling Suarez instead of a brooding one seen in preseason. Wenger will be in trouble if they lose again next week. Could see the home fans annoyed with the manager and the team. The booing, if it continues would shatter their confidence. Looks like Wenger is facing his most torrid time at the club in his final year.

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