Former Everton star tells LFC to go for the title

Liverpool have received a vote of confidence from one of Everton's title winners.

Former striker Andy Gray told Talksport about the similarities between Liverpool's current situation and the campaign that saw him land the title for the Toffees.

"I watched Liverpool's match against Fulham recently and when Steven Gerrard scored the penalty to win the game, there was a celebration that showed me the players think they can win this title.

"They think they have got a chance and I think they have got a chance. If they are sitting where they are, which is four points off the top with both Chelsea and Man City to come to Anfield, why would you not have a go?

"They should forget about being fourth, I think that's done and dusted. Why not have a right go at it? You can't plan these things."

Andy Gray pointed to his own experience at Everton in 1984/85.

"When we won the title in the 1985, we didn't go in to the season thinking we would win it. Suddenly, somewhere along the way, it dawned on us that we might.

"We went for it and ended up winning it. It has dawned on the Liverpool players that they can win it this year, and I think they will go for it.

Although Everton led the league for the majority of the 84/85 season there are similarities with Liverpool's situation.

Before they won the title the blues had finished the previous three seasons way off the top - in 8th, 7th and 7th.

They improved by 28 points in the course of a single season and finished a massive 13 points ahead of the reds.

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Former Everton star tells LFC to go for the title

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