Mourinho mind-games begin ahead of Liverpool clash

Jose Mourinho left the Vicente Calderon with a 0-0 first leg draw with Atletico Madrid before turning on the mind games ahead of the weekend's Liverpool clash.

The Chelsea manager saw his keeper Petr Cech taken off with a dislocated shoulder before John Terry limped off with what looked like a twisted ankle.

It's possible Ramirez may also be suspended for the weekend's game, although maybe he should have avoided elbowing players in the face?

But the loss of Cech and an ageing centre-back seems to have created unbelievable disaster for the team that Abramovich has spent over £700M on.

Jose, when asked about the weekend's team selection, rambled:

"I can't decide by myself.

"I think that's a decision I have to listen the club. I'm just a piece, I'm just the manager and no more than that.

"I have to listen to the club. I think the fact that the match is on Sunday I think puts the problem not in my hands.

"We represent English football and we are the only English team that is European competition. Spain has four and gave them all the conditions to try to have success (suggesting the game should be moved to a different date).

"I know what I would do, but I'm not the club. I have to speak with the club.

Jose then went on to suggest, ridiculously, that he would play an entirely different line up against Liverpool.

"I would play with the players that are not going to play Wednesday."

I don't know what you think - but this is probably Mike Riley's fault.

UPDATE: At the end of Mourinho's press conference he said 'John Terry definitely won't play on Sunday', then winked at the members of the press, and left. (We at Anfield Online hope JT is fit for the trip. He can even bring his mum up to Liverpool for the day.)

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Mourinho mind-games begin ahead of Liverpool clash

  1. “I can’t decide by myself… I’m just the Manager .. no more than that.” If Moyes had said this, I’d believe it. But Mourinho?

    He’s just trying to set up an escape route to turn a lose-lose into a win-win.

  2. The Chelsea Village Idiot , who cares what he says anymore ? Thought he’d started endorsing Warburtons bread the other day when I was shopping at sainsburys , then I looked again and saw it said THICK CUT on the wrapper ? Mind Games your having a laugh

  3. “Mind games”. If Jose loses or draw, then he says “see I had to put in a weaker side”, if he win, he will says “Liverpool can’t even beat my second string, you call them champions?” He wants a win win, Brendan please put four or five past him, and smile.

  4. Mourinho and his mind games! What makes me laugh most is that it is since he has been insisting that Chelsea are a little horse in the title race that the whole thing has backfired for him. LMAO.

  5. Liverpool needs as many ppl as possible on Anfield road to slow down the Chelsea bus to a crawl. Keep them on the bus as much as possible. It will give Mourinho something else to complain about.

  6. Very funny Moriniho did u know ur bus parking allocation is at goodison park enjoy the walk to anfield lol ur players need the pre match exercise

  7. Mind games? HaHaHa
    Mourinho you know Liverpool are going to beat you.
    So take a seat on the sidelines and watch a real team (LFC) play.

  8. Mind games, my 8 year old nephew has more chance of upsetting LFC for Sunday. LFC are not scared of a 1st choice Chavski let alone the under 21s which he’s going to play.

  9. We are all becoming embarrassed with Moaninho! If your good enough,then play your team! Imagine Fergie,Jock Stein, Shanks, Cloughie, or Paisley coming out with this nonsense?! His teams are dour,he spends more than the kitchen sink,plays like big Sam(who he slates) never develops young players,but yet he’s a football genius… Come on,this man is all that is wrong about football!

  10. Play ur best team please, then we will show the world just how poor and boring Chelsea really are. 4 nil lpool, with any team he plays. O:-)

    • Nice one David ! Especially the boring bit. Overrated ! Lets put 10 men behind the ball for most of the game and s** whoever’s watching ,they dont count !!

    • No, he’s genius and box office at that too. The wagon are circling but he’s unaware of it. If he ends up winning absolutely nothing! then his little
      spat with Wenger on the subject of FAILURE will come home to roost. Best to not speak to much in future methinks.

      And he will play his strongest time possible he has no choice in the matter. Mick Mac (former Wolves boss can tell you that).

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