Klopp credits his players’ skill, determination and training for solid start

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has heaped praise on his players for the strong opening start to this season's Premier League game.

The reds have enjoyed a fortnight at the summit of the Premier League, with a mere one point cushion over 2nd placed Chelsea.  This weekend the reds travel to St Mary's stadium.

Klopp was asked ahead of the  game about whether Liverpool's strong start was down to the manager instilling more confidence into the team.

Klopp was asked what he thought was behind the improved performances and he pushed his praise towards the players:

'The skills of the players.  The training we did together.  The attitude from the players.  The decisions they made on the pitch.  For sure, we (the coaching staff) are confident too because the things we do in training are helpful - that's why we do it.

'The things you see on the pitch - that's the players job.  And up until now they've done it brilliantly.

He was also asked about the links to Southampton - 'How important are those Southampton players, former Southampton players'?

'They are not Southampton players anymore.  Former? Good. I'm a former Dortmund manager but I'm not anymore.  That's not too important but it's part of the story.

'How we played until now - everyone wants to go to Southampton like this and get the three points.  But it's not always like this.  When we play at our best we are more difficult than Southampton can imagine.

'I didn't see all my players until now.  The Brazilian guys came back last night - we made it as good as possible to make it comfortable for them.  We will have to see.

Liverpool face Southampton this Saturday at 3pm GMT.

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