Liverpool see festive fixture list changed by TV companies

TV companies have unleashed their hammer on the festive fixture lists, moving a number of Liverpool's games from December onwards.

There will be no traditional 3pm games for the reds in the month.

Fixtures changed

5 of Liverpool's 6 Premier League games have been moved - with four being shown live on Sky Sports and one more on BT Sport.

The long trek to Bournemouth has been moved to an early Sunday start on the 4th December at 1:30pm.

West Ham at home has also been moved to a Sunday - the 11th December at 4:30pm.

The Merseyside derby at Goodison Park has been shifted from Saturday afternoon to a Monday evening - the 19th December at 8pm.

The traditional Boxing Day football has been kicked into touch - the reds will now face Stoke at Anfield on Tuesday 27th December at 5:15pm.

And the big New Years Eve game between Liverpool and Man City at Anfield moves to a 5:15 kick off.

The only game not moved is the reds trip to Middlesbrough which is already a midweek 7:45pm kick off.

January changes

Three fixtures have been changed in the first month of 2017.

The game against Man Utd at Old Trafford is now 4pm on Sunday 15th January.

Swansea visit Anfield at 12:30pm on Saturday 21st January and Chelsea's visit to Anfield will now be Tuesday 31st January at 8pm.

LFC Fixtures 2016-17

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Liverpool see festive fixture list changed by TV companies

  1. We as season ticket holders don’t believe the FA any thoughts for fans family or players by moving fixture to the evening of New Years Eve. We agree with Mr Klopp. We urge LFC to make a strong protest.

    • I can understand some of the fixture changes – after all TV do pay big money for football but things like moving Bournemouth to 1:30 in the afternoon – and even Chelsea fans having to make a long trek back on a January night from Anfield.

      In my opinion, the lunchtime and evening kick offs should generally be played between the clubs closer to each other – not at opposite ends of the country.

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