Coutinho hands in LFC transfer request – declined

Philippe Coutinho has submitted a transfer request just hours after the club were forced to insist he wouldn't be sold at any price.

With kick off in the Premier League season less than 24 hours away, and with a far from sparkling squad improvement programme at Anfield this summer - the potential departure of one of the reds best players could be a major blow.

Early this morning an announcement came from LFC.  Following media speculation that a £90M bid had been rejected from Barcelona (their second for Philippe Coutinho) - the reds said:

We wish to offer clarity as regards our position on a possible transfer of Philippe Coutinho.

The club’s definitive stance is that no offers for Philippe will be considered and he will remain a member of Liverpool Football Club when the summer window closes.

However following training this morning, Coutinho emailed the clubs sporting director Michael Edwards informing the club that he wanted to leave.

This request has been rejected.

Coutinho signed a 5 and half year contract extension in January that took effect this summer and the club claims does not contain a release clause.

The reds now have 20 days of the transfer window left to hold firm to their word - a period which involves an important Champions League playoff fixture.

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Coutinho hands in LFC transfer request – declined

  1. Don’t think this is the usual media rubbish. In fact every photo or video of PC in the last week or so, he has looked unhappy, not his usual self. So, don’t see the point in keeping a player that doesn’t want to be at LFC. What lousy timing for Klopp and the team tho!

  2. if this is true.. then the lad has no balls.. handing in transfer via email.. let him go.. this is not an ideal way too prepare for first game of the season.. terrible timing..the lights will burn long into the night at LFC HQ this evening..

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